Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, July 11, 2019

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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

Ear Cat – Music Ear Training

Ear Cat is a fun game created to develop your musical ear, with 80 levels that get progressively more challenging.

An intuitive approach to recognising intervals.

Improve your solfege and learn to identify pitches in relation to a tonal center.

Helpful and entertaining – for beginners and skilled musicians alike.

Ear Cat completes the popular Melody Cats series (Rhythm Cat, Treble Cat, Bass Cat).

Developed in collaboration with professional musicians and educators.

Like music? like cats? You’ll love this game.

Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo+Video lets you keep your most private images and videos private. This app lets you passcode protect your most sensitive media so that prying eyes never see anything you don’t want them to see. You can even upload new pics and videos from your PC, via web browser or iTunes file sharing.

“Read More” to learn why you should download this App today!

How many times has this happened to you? You lend someone your phone, and they just rifle through your pictures and videos as if it was their own. Don’t you hate that? If you have photos or videos that you would rather not have other people looking at, then you need Safety Photo+Video. With this app you can quickly and easily passcode protect your most private or sensitive media so that nobody but you can find them.


1. Use your fingerprint to unlock app with TouchID support. (iOS 8 only)

2. Intruder report, app will capture photo of the intruders while they attempted to access your app

3. Decoy password to cover your real privacy

4. Dot pattern lock style for higher security

5. Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

6. Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

7. Supports Video

8. Create albums for your photos

9. Passcode lock for individual album

10. Passcode locking style

11. Choose from two stylish themes

12. Easy to use interface?

13. Take private photos and videos from within the app

14. Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

15. Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

16. Supports move, copy & paste

17. Full Retina display support

18. Upload/download from PC to iPhone via web browser/iTunes File Sharing

19. Share photos and videos via Bluetooth with other devices that have Safety Photo+Video installed?

ARvid Augmented Reality

Add 3D animated objects into your real world and take videos to share with friends

Role Play

Discover what it would look and feel like to have your own personal bodyguards, sing like a star with a golden mic or witness a flying saucer. Add an ancient touch to any space with the Columns of Olympian Zeus, or even freeze your friends with an ice cube!

3D Text and Emojis

Type anything you want in 3D and place your text and/or animated emojis all around you. Customize your message with our selection of colors, fonts and special effects: Fire, Love, Winged, Rainbow, Clouds, Smoke, Glass, Rotating, Confetti, Stars, Cosmic Energy, Gold, and Flowers.

3D Painting

Unleash your creativity and paint in 3D anywhere you like with just your iPhone or iPad. Choose from a range of brushes and colors to paint objects and bring your masterpieces to life. No painting skills required. Caution: 3D Painting can be very addictive.


For the love of fire — install your own fireplace, burn your real world with a flamethrower or virtually trap your friends with fire. Get a kick out of shooting fireballs, creating fireworks or making it rain fire. Create some smoke or draw circles, boxes, and lines of fire in any room or open space around you.


Spice up any dull space by cracking or blasting the floor, launching a rocket or creating a tornado. Experience the moon fracture, falling rocks or a meteorite impact. Not for the faint-hearted.

Calcly: Free Universal Calculator for iPad

Sick of calculators filled with ads and paid functions to perform Calcly is a universal calculator for iPad. With 8 memory cells, you can perform functions for Trigonometry, Algebra, Logarithms, Power, Factorials & more. Our calculator is perfect for students to business professionals to perform daily calculations with ease.

In the settings you can choose one of two themes, enable or disable interface sound.

Features List

• Split View for iOS 9


• NO In-App Purchase

• Single line mode for instant calculations

• 8 memory cells

• History of most recent entries

• Power

• Factorials

• Roots

• Constants: e, pi

• Logarithms

• Sin, Cos, Tan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh

• ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcSinh, ArcCosh, ArcTanh

• Random

RAL colors. Home wall painting

This app is created for true professionals! Thousands of architects, designers, engineers and just creative people from all over the world use our product. All users’ comments and wishes helped to establish a reliable, powerful and useful app. We have developed a physically correct 3D color display and perfected color reproduction. It’s an easy-to-master app, and its reliability and speed of operation will pleasantly surprise you. We can state with confidence that it is the best RAL and Ncs electronic catalog in the world!

RAL and Ncs are international color matching systems actual for almost every field. RAL and Ncs color standards became dominant in architecture, design, industry and commerce. Major world companies use RAL and Ncs colors in their production processes.

– original RAL collections: CLASSIC, DESIGN, EFFECT, PLASTICS

– original Ncs collection

– physically correct 3D color display

– perfect color reproduction

– colors can be added to favorites

– convenient converter to RGB, CMYK, HEX

– app doesn’t need the Internet

– no ads

We recommend you to use the app in iPhone 5S or in the later models!

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