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Best New iOS Apps of this Summer

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Summer is here and with it has come a whole host of exciting, useful and engaging iOS apps to help make things all the more fun. From apps connecting animal-lovers together, to breaking complex topics down more simplistically and educationally, this summer’s app releases have definitely been both broad and interesting. Here we take a look at some of the best to have surfaced over the past few months.


PennyOwl is an educational app that helps explain the subject of money and finance to a young audience while still remaining fun and engaging. Encouraging them to save, PennyOwl helps kids and parents manage a savings account which can be put towards apps, toys and games.Polar_1


Popular for its web-based image editing app, Polarr has just recently brought out a native iOS app focused on helping its users
post process their photography with similar functionality to that of Photohop. Free and with a whole host of features, settings and filters, Polarr is well worth taking a look at.


The very first social app with an objective to help connect dog lovers with other dog owners close by, Tindog capitalises on the rise and popularity of Tinder to help you find people with similar, dog-related, interests. Browse profiles, swipe if you like, make matches and then meet up. Great for a dog-centric date spot in the park?


Capitalising on the success of online dating apps that have helped bring thousands of people together, Wiith is another app aiming to connect people, only this time without the concept of a ‘date’ being at the forefront. Finding other people nearby who share similar interests that might want to join in or meet up to enjoy local activities and events is what Wiith is all about.


Free makes social hanging out easier and less awkward by helping to notify your friends when you’re free and available to meet up without desperate plea bargains littering your social media profiles. Create a status to show your availability and the app will push a notification to friends nearby.

PicJoypicjoy logo

There’s nothing more enervating then having to organise your photos sitting in front of your Dell desktop (read more) at home or, worse still, through old-school photo albums. Thanks then to PicJoy, which through complex algorithms, lets you tag images on
your iPhone accounts so you can find the exact photo you were searching for.

BBC Newsbeat

Another educational app designed to help break information down to younger audiences, the BBC’s Newsbeat app helps show what’s happening around the world and even caches each day’s content so users can browse its articles and media offline.


A new social video app that is looking to tap into the vein of success that Periscope is forging, Beet lets you make short videos and splice them together into a continuous montage with each recording limited at a maximum six seconds. Integrated across apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Beet then gives you the opportunity to share these videos with your friends and family across various social networks.

Summer is here and with it so are all these cool new apps. Check out one or two today to bring a little extra sizzle to your summer.

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