VIDEO: Mac VS. PC “Transformers”

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Imagine what “Mac vs. PC” would be like if the machines were Transformers. That’s the idea behind this extremely well produced video. Sure the acting at the beginning isn’t great – but get through that, and you’re in for a treat.

The 5 minute video was created by Dan Chianelli and Nick Greenlee. Something tells me that it was a school project of some kind (and I could be wrong about that…total speculation on my part). If it was, I hope they got an A, because this is well done.


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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mac VS. PC “Transformers”

  1. Genius, absolute genius, I loved how the PC Laptop ran into a room ful of Mac Pro’s/G5’s.
    Though the acting wasn’t so acurate, because PC owners look at Mac’s and just drool, not believing, how much smaller thiner and more powerful a computer can be.
    The only niggle point about Mac prices was represented. But it’s like comparing a Crysler K-car to a Rolls-Royce, I’ve owned a K-car but i’m unlikeley to own a Rolls. Luckly, for me Mac Mini’s excist which means at least my computer is a Rolls-Royce.

  2. great video…i would have like to see them look more like they were computers then just going from a computer to a robot…where there was nothing that really looked like it was part of the actual mac or pc…

    like the real transformers…when they are robots you can see where the wheels are and the windshield etc…but its a good video…and hope these guys go far in making movies

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