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Last year, I got into the MacHeist bundle and picked up Twitteriffic along the way. Almost instantly, it pissed me off. The interface was annoying, hearing the little tweet reminder got irritating, and I hated how new windows would pop up behind others. I ended up taking it off my dock and forgetting about it. When the MacHeist Nano bundle came up, it came with Tweetie, so I figured I’d give that a shot.

I had some experience with the iPhone App, since I purchased the original Tweetie a while back and recently updated to Tweetie 2. But I hadn’t tried the Mac version yet, so here was my chance. I loaded it up, and I was good to go.

First, the interface. I love it. It’s clean, simple, and stupid easy to figure out. You start with your avatar up top, then it’s followed by a tweets button, @ mentions, mail and search. If you have multiple usernames, the others show up just below that, all in order. Switching between identities is easy, just click and go.

One of my favorite features though is how it deals with links and images. Twitpics load up in separate windows, with their own clean appearance, similar to quick-look for OSX. Any other links just load up in your default browser, all in a new window. It’s clean and simple, without being overdone. It’s that kind of application design that I can really appreciate.

If you missed out on the latest MacHeist bundle and still want a copy, it’s only $19.95 on their website. If you’re a hardcore Twitter user, this is the app for you.

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