These Free Parenting Apps Can Make The Quarantine A Joyful Learning Experience With Your Kids

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A huge number of people all over the world, including parents and their children, are stuck at home with nothing to do. While the occasional TikTok witty shenanigans are nice, there are so many ways this lockdown could be made into a more productive experience for both you and your child. You do need help with that in the form of these free parenting apps.

These apps tackle anything from child or parenting psychology to eLearning for the kids. Some of them also feature activities that both you and your child can enjoy.

HelloJoey – Parenting App

Free Parenting Apps

HelloJoey is a rather simple and straightforward parenting app for everyone with children aged 0-12. It contains a significant amount of encyclopedic and professional knowledge about childrearing. These range from disciplinary practices to preventing your child from becoming a picky eater.

Eduka’s World – English for Kids

Free Parenting Apps

What better way to teach your child language skills than now? Eduka’s World is a highly-rated app that lets you do that for your child. It’s perfect for kids aged 3-10. Its best feature is that it teaches kids the English language through emotions, making it more effective.

Today’s Parent

If you want awesome DIY activities for you and your kids, look no further than Today’s Parent. It’s an app containing a treasure trove of instructions, guides, and games to do with your child. This can be anything from tying their hair to spectacular desserts for them (or for you).

Quick Math Jr.

Both you and your kid probably know that math is a boring ordeal. Even so, it’s an essential life skill for them to learn. So spice it up with Quick Math Jr. It’s an award-winning app that lets you teach math in the most creative and stress-free way possible.

Baby Sleep Sounds

Free Parenting Apps

Bedtime stories or math not doing it? Well, there are other ways to make your child fall asleep, especially if they’re only toddlers or infants with the Baby Sleep Sounds. They provide rhythmic soundtracks and even lullabies to help your baby fall asleep and to keep them asleep.

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