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Since the pandemic outbreak, almost everyone has shifted to working from home. Having reliable apps on your laptop that will help you work efficiently is now a gamechanger. There are several apps that cater to helping people work more efficiently. However, some of the best ones cost a lot when you purchase them individually.

Fortunately, Unclutter is offering a collection of reliable Mac apps that will help you work better – and then some – while staying safe in your own home. This apps bundle is comprised of 10 essential work-related apps that are sure to keep you motivated at work. The best part is the money that you’ll save if you get the bundle instead of purchasing them individually!

Here are the 10 apps included in the collection:

  1. Klokki for Mac ($30 now $15)

Because you can no longer time-in and time-out in your office, a lot of people have started manually timing their work hours at home. This can take away your focus on work, as having to time yourself is always at the back of your mind. To make things easier, Klokki is an app for Mac designed to automatically track your time at work so you won’t have to. Now you can work more efficiently with full concentration.

  1. Squash 2 ($15 now $7.5)

If you deal with compressing and converting images for work, Squash 2 is a powerful app for your Mac. It’s not only fast, but it also optimizes your image file size. This means that the file size of your images can be reduced without compromising quality. Consequently, this also saves up space on your drive.

  1. Unclutter ($20 now $10)

Efficiency is always a concern, especially when you’re working at home. As the name suggests, Unclutter is a productivity app that helps you stay organized while you work. It helps you store notes, keeps files safe, and features pasteboard clips. It’s definitely a helpful tool for people who are organizing multiple projects at a time.

  1. Rocket Typist ($10 now $5)

People who work in communications will certainly find this app helpful. Rocket Typist is a text expansion app where you can store your frequently used words, phrases, and sentences. The app enables you to paste these phrases automatically using a drop-down menu. This way, you don’t have to keep typing the same thing over and over again. Not only is it boring, but it is also a waste of your precious time.

  1. Pagico 9 ($50 now $25)

Managing a lot of things all at once can make you go crazy. This is where Pagico 9 comes in handy. It’s an app that enables you to manage your tasks, files, and projects all in one space. Pagico 9 features visualized task lists, project management, daily scheduling, and contact management. It combines data and task management into one place to make your life easier.

  1. Boom 3D ($20 now $10)

If you work with sound, music, or videos, Boom 3D is a must in your arsenal of Mac apps. It’s an app that boosts and equalizes the volume of the entire system of your Mac. This app provides you with an immersive listening experience wherein you can clearly hear the crispness of every sound. It also features 3D Surround Sound, which is also great for watching movies.

  1. Capto ($30 now $15)

It is now common in virtual meetings to capture or record the screen when someone is presenting. This helps you keep up and review your anecdotes later on. Capto is an app that can do that and also allows you to edit these images and videos if you want to. It features an organizer where all your screen captures are stored. Thanks to its wide range of editing tools, you can improve these screen captures and share them with just a click.

  1. uBar 4 ($30 now $15)

If a functional Dock replacement is what you want, look no further than the uBar 4. One of the things that you get with using this app is the high level of control over all your active apps in your Mac. These apps will appear in the taskbar where you can manage and keep an eye on them. uBar 4 also supports a multi-screen setup – perfect for designers, editors, and other people working in the creative industry.

  1. Luminar 4 ($89 now $67)

Luminar 4 is an app for artists who need a powerful and innovative editing tool to improve their photos. It can also be used to create photo art. This app is simple and fun to use especially if you like experimenting on your photos. It also uses Artificial Intelligence that powers the creative tools found in this app. Luminar 4 helps you in your photography game while also saving you time.

  1. Prizmo 4 ($50 now $25)

Not everyone has a scanner at home. So what do you do when you need to scan images or documents for work? Get Prizmo 4 is what you should do. It is an app that scans documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in 28 languages. The app also features editing tools to improve the image quality of your scanned documents. It can work with any photos of any size. Truly, this app is essential when you’re working at home.

To sum it all up, the total value for all of these amazing apps if you buy them individually is $344. However, if you get them all in one bundle, you will only have to pay $72!

That’s a whopping $272 in savings!

Not only is it a great deal to say the least, but you will also get some of the best working apps in the market to date. So what are you waiting for?

Get the best work apps collection for your Mac today!

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