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Software Spotlight: ShapeShifter

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You’ve heard the rumors about illuminous, right? Sure you have…

If you’re like me, though, and you really just can’t wait to see a refreshed look to your OS X UI, then boy have I got an app for you. It’s called ShapeShifter, and it does a fantastic job of reskinning your entire OS with a new, unified look of your choice. (click on any of the images below for full size screenshots)

screenshot_02.jpgFrom the interface inside your System Preferences, you simply select the themes you want from a drop down menu. You can select Themes, Icon Sets, Cursor Sets, and Desktop Pictures. You can even mix and match to get the theme that is perfect for you.
screenshot_03.jpg One of the coolest features of ShapeShifter, is that you can look through a variety of themes from within the application itself, download them, and install them, without ever having to open a web browser…very cool.
screenshot_01.jpgWhen you have the one you want, you simply click apply and BOOM – you have a completely themed look.
ShapeShifter is made by the fine folks at Unsanity, and has a free 15 day trial…after that it’ll cost you $20 bucks.

Click Here to download

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3 thoughts on “Software Spotlight: ShapeShifter

  1. I’ve been using Shape Shifter for quite some time — it is AWESOME!! The article failed to mention that you can also change your cursers if you purchase Mighty Mouse — buy them at the same time and you can get both for $29. It’s only a $1 savings, but hey, a buck is a buck, right!

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