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pixen.pngSoftware Spotlight is a new ongoing feature of Apple to feature Mac software, both old and new, from around the web.There are several open source graphics editing programs out there today, and most are trying very hard to take on Photoshop or Illustrator as best they can. As a graphic artist I appreciate all the work that goes into those programs, and I am very thankful that they exist. Sometimes, however, you don’t need that much power in your application. Sometimes you need something that’s better than MS Paint, but not necessarily as powerful (or complicated) as Photoshop.

That’s where Pixen comes in.

Pixen is a free open source graphics editor for the Mac. Primarily designed for the development of sprite based games (i.e. cell phone games), Pixen is a very useful tool for the casual image editor that doesn’t need, or want a lot of the more advanced features of Gimp, or Photoshop.

It is essentially one step above MS Paint…and if that is what you’re looking for, then Pixen is probably worth your time.

Click Here to download Pixen.

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