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Software Review: FULL–Diskfighter PLUS GIVEAWAY!

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Software Review Full Diskfighter

With the recent release of OSX Mavericks, some Mac owners might be thinking of doing a clean install instead of just upgrading to the newest Apple OS. Over time a Mac can get cluttered and filled up with log files, caches, and duplicate media files.

This is where FULL-Diskfighter comes in. This application installs in minutes and helps you to locate the files that are filling up your Mac. The newest version of FULL-Diskfighter comes with 5 tools for helping you get the most out of your Mac’s disk space. WE have 10 copies of FULL-Diskfighter to give away, so read through to the bottom to find out how you can get a copy for free.


When you first run FULL-Diskfighter, it will start scanning your computer and will probably come up with a pretty big promise of wasted space.

Junk Scanner – The Junk Scanner does just what its name says. It looks for unnecessary files like caches, logos, and leftover bits from uninstalled applications. The Junk Scanner also considers anything in the Downloads and Trash folders as Junk, so be careful if you don’t want these cleaned up.

full-diskfighter junk scanner mac

Each section can be cleaned independently of the others in the Junk Scanner, so be careful as you run them. Click the Detailed Results button to see the exact files planned for deletion.

Language Scanner – When you install an application, you get all the language files with it. Most of the time, you’re only using one language, so why keep all those others around?  You can easily remove unnecessary language files with the Language Scanner.

full-diskfighter language scanner mac

By using the toolbar at the bottom of the Language Scanner window, you can view languages by Application or Language, and check/uncheck all boxes. Otherwise, you can choose to clear out a single application or language at a time.

Application Scanner – The Application scanner promises to  “put your applications on a diet” but doesn’t offer a lot of information on how it does this. It says it will remove “unused binaries” on your system, but in practice, deleting binaries could lead you to trouble. Unless you’re really in need of that extra space, it’s probably a better idea to focus on the other aspects of FULL-Diskfighter.

Duplicate Finder – Over time everyone gets some duplicate media files. From importing pictures twice to copying movies to a folder AND to iTunes, these duplicate files really add up. By using the Duplicate Files scanner, FULL-Diskfighter will find all your duplicates and give you the chance to clear them out.

full-diskfighter junk duplicate mac

The Duplicate Finder is the scan you need to pay the most attention to. Let’s say you build websites and have a few website folders with the same assets in each folder. FULL-Diskfighter will consider all but one of these a duplicate and want to delete them. This would obviously be terrible and would wreak havoc on your website folders.

Another issue is if you have audio files that are similar in size and name, like test tones, you’ll be prompted to delete these as well. When you use the Duplicate Scanner make sure you go through every duplicate listed to make sure you’re not removing something that isn’t really a duplicate. Take some time with this one and you’ll get some great results.

Files Finder – The Files Finder searches your drive for files that haven’t been opened for a while and are of a certain size. For example, you can search for files that haven’t been opened for a year that are larger than 50 MB in size.

full-diskfighter junk files mac

This search is great because it can find files that you forgot about that can be backed up to an external drive or even removed forever. Not everything that comes up here will be deleted, and to be honest, only a few will ever be removed, but it’s a great way to find those one or two big files that aren’t used and are hogging up precious disk space.


The Mac version of FULL-Diskfighter is only $9.95 from either the manufacturer’s website or from the Mac App Store. As a special offer to readers of Apple Gazette, we’re giving away 10 copies of FULL-Diskfighter to you, our loyal readers.

Want A Free Copy?

Apple Gazette has 10 copies of FULL-Diskfighter to give away. Click the link below to enter the contest. The contest will run until November 7th, 2013. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this article stating what you think FULL-Diskfighter could clean up the most on your Mac. You can gain extra entries by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.
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Click above or here for your chance to win a copy of FULL-Diskfighter!


Overall, FULL-Diskfighter is well worth the $9.95 price tag to clean up your drive as well as it does. For someone with a 500GB or 1 TB hard drive this might not feel necessary, but if you have a MacBook Air or old MacBook with a much smaller hard drive, this type of application can be a real lifesaver and is a lot cheaper than a hard drive upgrade!

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

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  1. I’m pretty sure there are lots of junk in the nooks and crannies of my HD. This app would help me immensely.

    1. All of the winners were contacted via the email address they used in the contest. You should have already received an email.

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