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Looks like my prayers have been answered. Incase, the company that makes popular cases for pretty much every Apple product made, just press released the news that they have iPhone 4 cases coming out soon. Here’s the scoop:

Our signature and most popular iPhone case styles are coming soon for iPhone 4. Available at month’s end will be a selection of our top cases including the Slider Case, Snap Case and Protective Cover with additional styles, including the Perforated Snap Case, to follow soon after.

Precision engineered to be 100 percent compatible with iPhone 4, each and every Incase product has been specifically designed and tested to protect your investment and enhance your user experience. All forthcoming iPhone 4 products provide four corner device protection and custom cutouts for unobstructed access to all device features in lightweight, easy to carry designs.

Throughout our development process, our aim is to always create exceptional products in both form and function that meet and exceed user needs. Our first round releases will represent our most popular styles in select colors. With each new iPhone generation, our designs continue to evolve, so expect new case styles and colors to be announced in the near future.

Long story short, Rome wasn’t built in a day. They want to take some extra time to polish up their cases for the iPhone 4, and make sure that everything is perfect before it hits the shelves.

It is interesting though that they took so long to enter the market. It’s been a month or so since the pre-order of the iPhone 4, and I imagine that incase had access to the specs from Apple, so why is this taking so long? Regardless, I may just pick one up, because even though I like my Bumper, I think I’ll enjoy a full case even more.

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  1. Cases look really good quality material and hopefuly robust, can’t wait to see the other colours.

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