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The Small Business Software Programs You Need

small business software

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Small business software has changed a lot since the computer revolution. But they’ve certainly changed for the better. Thanks to the great software that’s available, you don’t have to worry about faxes or sending out your taxes to an agent. Instead you can manage your office from the comfort of your office or home. Most of the small business software featured on this list is even available on your iPhone so you can manage that merger from your favorite Caribbean beach.

small business software
Norton Small Business – A greatvirusware software is an essential element for any small business. As Macs have become more prevalent, more unsavory characters have begun writing malicious viruses for Macs. Norton’s Small Business is affordable and comes with a one-year subscription.

small business software
Quickbooks – This is one great for a small business or freelancer. It allows you to track your expenditures, taxes and everything else. It’s extremely user friendly and the Mac platform is very well adapted. You’ll find that after you get used to Quickbooks you won’t need your bookkeeper.

small business software
Sync – There are a lot of great back-up programs for Macs. But the cloud is a cluttered place that’s pretty easy to hack into. Sync has a privacy guarantee and allows you to access your files from anywhere. The free version allows you to store up to 5 gigs. Cloudwards, one of the best sites at ranking these programs has a lot of great things to say about Sync.

FullContact – As a business you’re going to (hopefully) have a lot of clients and that means a lot of different people to keep touch with. The simple contacts app on your phone just isn’t going to cut it all the time. FullContact used to be CoBook which was a great contact program as well.

small business software
Onyx – Your Mac is a complicated machine that you probably can’t even begin to understand. This program tries to simplify the structuring of your Mac. It allows you to make settings for your cookies and perform maintenance tasks that you don’t really have time for. It’s free (they function from donations) and is probably the best free software on this list. In fact, it might be the only free software on this list.

Memory Clean – As you get more files on your computer you’re going to have a bit too many files. As a small business you need a program that allows you to condense files that are taking up unnecessary space and remove programs that are just unnecessary. Memory Clean wipes away the stuff from your computer that’s hogging important space.

small busines software
MoneyWorks – With Moneyworks you get a great accounting software for a pretty cheap price. The integrated cloud software is great for a business where you’re constantly on the go. It works with other business systems and is incredibly easy to use.

NordVPN – If privacy matters in your business then you’re going to want to create a private server. Think Hillary Clinton and a certain email scandal. A secure server ensures confidentiality both within your business and with your clients. NordVPN is one of the better systems. The only problem is that they mostly market to Dutch businesses so it’s better if you speak Dutch.

There are a lot of great small business software programs out there, each of them fits a different sort of business and a different goal. A strong business probably integrates several different programs. Take a look and see which ones are right for you.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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