Seat Buddy Makes Viewing iPhone Fun & Awkward

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There are lots of little niche products out there for the iPhone and iPad, but this latest one seems to take the cake. It’s called the Seat Buddy, and apparently it’s been around for quite a bit. Here’s the word from the official PR:


  • Comfortable viewing just like a seatback screen
  • Watch hands-free so you can enjoy your meal or take notes
  • Phone stays put, even in turbulence

Car Headrest

  • Passengers can comfortably watch movies, TV shows, even YouTube
  • iPhone is quickly and easily inserted or removed

Although in theory that sounds really neat, here’s the thing: I don’t watch my iPhone from a 4-foot distance.

Maybe it’s just that I’m old, or maybe it’s because I need a new pair of glasses, but I don’t want to sit reclined in a chair and squint at a tiny screen. The iPhone is made for me to look at from short distances, not from laid back in a sofa with a remote control and a bag of chips.

Anyways, should you be someone who does want this type of device, it’s priced right in the Apple Accessories wheelhouse: $29.99, Go ahead and get one, and I’ll meet you at my optometrist a few years from now.

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