Reminder: iPhone Announcement tomorrow!

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Well…it’s almost time…in less than 24 hours, assuming the Gizmodo “Guarantee” is right, we’ll get a full blown iPhone announcement from Apple.

Frankly…I’m more excited about this than Christmas!

Just for the record, I think we’ll be seeing the $249 and $449 priced models that Kevin Rose speculated about in a recent episode of Diggnation.

My guess is that both will feature slide-out keyboards, with the more expensive unit possibly having a touch screen, as well as more memory.

As soon as the announcement is made tomorrow we have as much coverage of it as possible, including any released photos, prices, or release dates…so keep an eye on the RSS feed…

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5 thoughts on “Reminder: iPhone Announcement tomorrow!

  1. Indeed.

    I’m sure I’ll be terribly disapointed come tomorrow afternoon…but right now, I can at least pretend that I’m going to be able to afford it…can’t I?

  2. If Brian does the you’ve been punked thing I plan on not only removing Gizmodo from my feeds, but blocking the site at my firewall so that I never even accidentally go there again.

    Even if he is telling the truth it is still a cruel thing to do. The anticipation is killing me.

  3. Yeah Joe, I’m with ya –

    but it really does make sense for Apple to go ahead and make the announcement. The speculation is getting out of hand, and if they don’t hurry up and tell us what it is, we’re going to speculate it up to the point where it won’t be anything but a disappointment (we may have ALREADY done that)…

    I’ll bet Steve is pissed, though….

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