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Quickly Rip DVD to HD Videos with MacX DVD Ripper Pro [Giveaway]

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While the DVD might not be the popular format it once was, plenty of users still have them and employ them. But unless you want to throw all your DVDs in the trash, you need a way to preserve your DVD-based content for the future. To accomplish that, you’ll need to get it on to your Mac. Over time, DVDs tend to degrade. Like any physical media, they can become lost, broken, damaged, or otherwise disabled. They can’t be backed up, and they can only be played on devices that have a DVD drive. In our world of always-on streaming video, that’s not something most folks want to put up with. So you can capture DVD content to your Mac in order to improve your viewing experience and revive old content. That’s where MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes in: the professional landmark software is built for ripping and capturing DVDs to your Mac for playback on any devices.

What Makes MacX DVD Ripper Pro Better Than Others?

If you want to copy a DVD to Mac, the most common recommendation is Handbrake. However, while Handbrake is impressive for open-source software, it lacks the polish and design of a commercial app like MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

Handbrake is also often confusing for first-time users and less technically-included users, many of which use Macs for their ease of use and well-designed user interfaces. This difficulty can leave plenty of potential DVD rippers to either learn complex software with minimal instruction, abandon the prospect entirely, or pay someone else to handle the DVD conversion for them. Professionally-designed commercial software, on the other hand, goes out of its way to be functional for all users. Another drawback of HandBrake is the incapability of ripping the commercial DVDs, which means that you can not convert the Hollywood and Disney DVDs as well as those TV series DVDs with just HandBrake.

Anyone at any level of technical expertise can use MacX DVD Ripper Pro DVD backup software to create backups of protected DVDs. The application can save captured video as MP4, H.264, HEVC/H.265, and other video formats. These formats represent the most popular video codecs for the Mac, meaning that they’re playable in any application from QuickTime to VLC to Elmedia. These formats also support media-server-based streaming on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

What’s better, MacX DVD Ripper Pro handles those encrypted commercial DVDs. With its constant updates, it bypasses the protections of the old commercial DVDs and the newly-released DVD movies, making it possible to rip all of your DVD collections to HD videos.

Free Get MacX DVD Ripper Pro License

For a limited time, MacXDVD is offering a worldwide giveaway. You can get a free license key for MacX DVD Ripper Pro until December 15th and enter to win a $30 iTunes gift card. Check out the MacX DVD Ripper Pro giveaway link immediately to enter to win!

What Makes MacX DVD Ripper Pro the Fastest Ripper?

MacX DVD Ripper Pro sports advanced level-3 hardware acceleration technology, which takes advantage of the full capabilities of your Mac to speed up processing time. In short, it fully utilizes all hardware encoder, hardware decoder, and hardware processing instructions built into your CPU and GPU to attain maximum conversion speeds.

By focusing on Apple-supported codecs, ripping and encoding with MacX is faster than any other app. With its high-quality, multi-threaded engine, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can copy and convert a full DVD with lossless quality with only 5 minutes: Handbrake and similar applications would take at least an hour. It supports any type of DVD, including the newly released DVD movies, homemade DVDs, 99-title DVDs, TV series DVDs, workout DVDs, and damaged or unplayable DVDs.

What Makes the MacX DVD Ripper Pro Engine Better?

When backing up DVDs, the MacX engine automatically activates its de-multiplexing (demuxing) kernel to copy the entire DVD’s content. This captures each of the DVD’s video tracks, audio tracks, subtitles, and extra content without re-encoding or changing the content. When capturing and converting the content of a DVD in conversion mode, the MacX engine relies upon modern interframe and intraframe codecs. More importantly, it employs advanced context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC) entropy encoding. This reconstructs the DVD’s content and eliminates temporal and spatial redundancies, as specified by the H.264 standard.

This permits an extremely efficient encoding method, preserving the highest quality video files while keeping the file size reasonable.

Rip and Edit DVDs in One Software

Working as an all-around DVD tool, MacX DVD Ripper Pro brings the convenience to users by integrating a video editor in the program. After converting the DVDs to HD videos, you can trim, crop and merge the video clips, extract audio and snapshot as well as add external subtitle on the videos. There is no need to process the videos with other video editor program.

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