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Well, after much deliberating, and a few discussions with the wifey, and a whole lot of grain alcohol, it looks like we’re going to plunk down some money on an iPad. I think the fact that it might be a business expense was really the tipping point here, but who knows. Anyways, now comes the great debate: What accessories do I get out of the gate?

Let’s start with cases. I’m looking for two different options: One for day-to-day use, and one for traveling on planes and what-not. The incase Travel Kit Plus is a given, and one that I’m sure to pick up in the coming weeks. Any case that can hold the iPad, accessories, and a keyboard is a good buy in my book. For the daily stuff, I’d like something I can sling over my shoulder. I like the STM Scout bag, but I’d like something iPad specific, not just a generic case that’ll fit anything. I actually prefer the look of that canvas too, although I’m flexible on that as well. If you guys have any suggestions, please put them in the comments.

I’m not sure yet if the camera connection kit will work with a USB card reader and a compact flash card, but I’m thinking I may test it out myself. I’m also going to wait on the Bluetooth keyboard until I give the on-screen keyboard a try. I also don’t need headphones for it, because lord knows I have a ton of those floating around the house.

So what else do I need? Excluding must-have apps, does anyone have any suggestions on what to get for accessories?

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