OS X Quick Tip: High Quality Skype Video Calls

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quicktip.jpgIf you make video calls with Skype on your Mac, you know that the video, by default, is pretty low quality. You can fix this, however, pretty easily.

First make sure you have Skype version or newer. Make sure you don’t have Skype open, then navigate to “~/Library/Application Support/Skype/yourskypename/”

Find the file called config.xml. Open the file and find the block.The code should look like this:

<Device>Built-in iSight</Device>

make the changes in bold below to your file

Now, save the file and restart Skype. Go make a video call and it should be in a much higher quality 640×480.

Keep in mind you’ll need a good internet connection and a decently powered Mac to get a respectable frame rate.

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  1. Hi all
    Tried to open config.xml but when i open it it opens big bang board games!! I tried it a few times but it does the same everytime! CRAZY!!

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