Need a last minute Christmas Gift INSTANTLY? – iFrogz has got you covered

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ifrogz_site.jpgIf you need a last minute Chrismahaunakwanzika present for the iPod lover in your life, then you might want a virtual gift certificate from iFrogz.

One of the coolest features of the ifrogz custom cases is the actual customization.  If you could customize one for your loved one…and if you want to…by all means, do…but they ain’t gettin’ it by the 25th – and they’ll be missing out on the fun of actually playing all the different ifrogz combinations.

A virtual gift certificate from ifrogz, however, will not only let them do it themselves, but you can also print the gift certificate instantly – so you have something to wrap, and don’t look like you forgot…

Check them out at

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One thought on “Need a last minute Christmas Gift INSTANTLY? – iFrogz has got you covered

  1. Nice idea and product design, but i would never get one. Simply because i have the 30Gb iPod and apparently the case for the 30Gb is the same as the 60/80Gb. The whole reason i bought the 30Gb was to have a slimmer iPod and 30Gb is still plenty.

    I can understand their point of view they are lazy and don’t want to make another product size but in my opinion it’s lame that they haven’t bothered to match the size and shape of the 30Gb, instead they give a silicone insert to fill the 60/80Gb case so that your 30Gb stays in.

    They say the reason they did this is so that when you upgrade you can still use the same case, and i say they are just lazy.

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