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Now isn’t that the dream of every iPhone user? I don’t know how long your battery lasts, but I have to recharge at least twice a day! While I used to shake my head at how power bank manufacturers pushed their products, I now can’t imagine going out without my power pack. And I am sure I am not alone.

What about storage? I don’t need much on my phone – just enough for apps and photos. When your iPhone serves as your camera, though, storage can quickly become an issue.
Space Pack
Enter the Space Pack by Mophie, a brand already well associated with battery packs.

What’s so cool about the Space Pack is that it not only has a 1700mAh battery (that should keep your iPhone alive for a whole day), but it also packs in either 16GB or 32GB on top of your iPhone internal storage.

And it comes in one nifty packaging – that of a phone case.

The drawback?

Something totally expected and understandable: a bulky case that totally ruins the sleek look and feel of the iPhone 5/5S. It is reminiscent of the iPhone 3, yeah?

If you’re all about convenience in terms of juice and storage, though the Space Pack might very well be the ultimate solution for now.

It’s only available for preorder right now, and base cost is $149.95. For the 32 GB option, you’ll need to shell out an additional $30. Shipping starts in March.

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