Migrate Your iTunes Library from Windows to Mac (and keep your ratings, play counts and date added)

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windowsmigration.jpgAre you a recent switcher?  If so, then this is a really good tutorial for you that will allow you to move your iTunes library, including all your data from your Windows PC to your new shiny Mac.

It basically walks you through Exporting your Windows iTunes and Importing into your Mac, but if this is something you’re not familiar with, then it should be of help…so take a look!

Apple’s market share has been growing dramatically. Many observers attribute that growth to the introduction of the Intel-based Macintosh as well as the “halo effect” of the iTunes-iPod phenomenon. If you’re one of those people who have recently made the switch from Windows to Mac OS X because of said halo effect then you probably have already established an iTunes Library (with valuable hours spent creating playlists, rating songs and increasing play counts).

It would be a shame to lose all that hard work and data when switching platforms. Fortunately, it’s a rather simple* procedure to move all your music to your new Mac while preserving all that precious metadata. Some guides say to export your existing library to XML and re-import it one the new machine. But that’s a bit complicated and you run the risk of loosing your metadata. Since both the Mac and Windows versions of iTunes use the file format for the library file, all you really need to do is copy from the library files from one computer to another, while making sure iTunes doesn’t forget where the songs are located.

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3 thoughts on “Migrate Your iTunes Library from Windows to Mac (and keep your ratings, play counts and date added)

  1. WISH I WOULD’VE KNOW ABOUT THIS WHEN I BOUGHT MY FIRST MAC(A BLACKBOOK) A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO!!!! I had to basically re-start my iTunes library(I had all my music there of course!), but I had to re-rate all of my songs and the Date Added tab, which was used a lot on my dell, was now useless!


    good tutorial though!!

  2. as a music aficionado I have about 35GB of music, that didn’t fit on my PC’s c: drive, so I have mine on an external harddrive.

    any additional help on how to bring that over to the mac?

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