Microsoft Office 08 pushed back to Macworld 2008 because it sucks.

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Blaming Apple’s move to Intel based chips combined with Microsoft’s move to a new file format for Microsoft Office 2008, Microsoft has officially delayed Mac Office 08 until Macworld in mid-January 2008.

“It really is just a quality issue across the board,” Craig Eisler, general manager of Microsoft’s Macintosh business unit, said in an interview Wednesday.

I suppose it’s good that they’re not rushing it out the door, but this is surely disappointing news to those looking to upgrade the number one selling application for Macs.

Personally, I gave up on Microsoft Office years ago. It’s bloated, expensive, and…you know…made by Microsoft, so I switched over to Open Office before I even switched over to Macs. Recently, I’ve started using Bean, which is a fantastic light weight word processor.

I know neither of these programs are a 100% complete solution for some business users, but I think a vast majority of readers will find they do the job just fine, and at a much better price – FREE.

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7 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 08 pushed back to Macworld 2008 because it sucks.

  1. I use NeoOffice. It’s just llike OO.o, except it’s native to OS X. You don’t have to deal with X11.

  2. I’m beginning to use open source office suites also, Office is just ick. It used to be the one thing that kept me thinking Microsoft might change one of these days because it remained a really awesome suite, but now it just sucks.

  3. It’s just a shame that I do not find a substitute for Excel. I can live without Word and PowerPoint, as I believe there are better products out there. But Excel is the best spreadsheet app. I have tried Tables and some other apps but they all lack in functionality. I have tried Neo-Office but I still believe that Excel is better and Neo-Office feels soo sluggish. I hope someone will come up with a competing rivaling product to Excel that does not lack in functionality. I would just love to kick out Microsoft Office forever.

  4. Office 2004 is a disgrace and a horrible application. Office 2008 though looks quite nice and I’m rather surprised considering its coming from the boys at Redmond. I’m really pissed its delayed as I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced. I have to use it at least a few times a week and I hate having to load and use this damn Rosetta powered app. At least if with the extra time they can make sure its not complete garbage (one would hope) But I’m really looking forward to it, long overdue.

  5. Hey, Hold that for just a cotton picking minute …

    I am no Microsoft afficionado, but didn’t Apple push back Leopard release due to the fact that it would have sucked if they released it alongside iPhone ? Come on guys, At least they admit it sucks and would suck relatively less if they released it later than sooner just to score a point off Apple.

    Give the devil its due, gentlepeople !

  6. YOYO, OFFICE 2004 is no good at all, but iWork ’08 is the SHIT i love it so much there is a fantastic word replacement, pages, and awsome powerpoint replacemnt, keynote, and now numbers, to get rid of excel, i think numbers is what will convince people to use iwork instead of office for now on 🙂

  7. i don’t use my apple computer that much.. but OpenOffice is far not better the MSOffice.. Just so many featurs are missing.. and MSOffice isn’t very expenisive because a newer version will only come overy 3 or 4 years…

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