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MacJournal Comes to the iPhone

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It wasn’t that long ago that we told you about the latest MacHeist sale, and one of the programs involved this time around was MacJournal. I downloaded the bundle myself, and although I haven’t played around with MacJournal much, but I’ve got big plans for it. In fact, it was one of the big reasons why I bought the MacHeist in the first place.

See, I’m working on a book. It’s about my adventures the past few years, which have turned into a bit of a legend around the family and my circle of friends. I originally was going to just start hammering out docs in Pages and saving them in a special folder, but I quickly realized that would be a mess. I decided instead to look at journaling programs or something similar to keep track of my notes. Turns out that’s MacJournal in a bundle, so I got it.

Well now there’s an iPhone companion for the product, called Mariner MacJournal [iTunes Link]. It does a lot of the same things as the Mac version of the app, but via the iPhone. There’s a bonus though: it syncs documents as well. Now that’s a bit of a double-edged sword, and early reviewers on their iTunes app page aren’t too thrilled with the way it’s implemented. For me, I think it would fit in just fine with my workflow, so it may be a purchase in the near future. Now back to the book …

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

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