Leopard coming in June! Wha…really?!?! I’m SHOCKED!!!

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I’m sorry, I just can’t contain myself. I’ve been trying to avoid posting it all day, but I just can’t. Think Secret has an EXCLUSIVE REPORT on how Leopard is going to be coming out in June.

Ya know…when everyone already said it would.

Almost every Apple-related site has been saying this for MONTHS, including this one, and I just can’t help but laugh at this. Some of these rumor sites, including Think Secret, were coming up with asinine dates that Leopard MIGHT come out, and now that they have all passed, they’ve decided to report the EXCLUSIVE news that someone somewhere told them that it’s coming in June.

The only bit of “news” in this post is that the “07” part of iLife and iWork might be replaced with “Leopard Edition”.

If they turn out to be Leopard only applications that would make sense, but it sounds a little more like the naming of a Microsoft Product than something Apple would release.

Either way, I suppose it is possible.

I just can’t wait for Apple to actually RELEASE something (other than AppleTV) this year, so that we all have something new to talk about!


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3 thoughts on “Leopard coming in June! Wha…really?!?! I’m SHOCKED!!!

  1. Hi, I am not interested when Leopard will arive, but what are those secret thing in 10.5!! I think multi touch too, but how much “secret things” are there?

    Maybe another one, which I am going to investigate. I think there will be a feature which let you play games on an mac. Not the ipod games, but the serious games.
    Apple recently updated there games page. Another reason, Apple can increase their marketshare if people can play games on an mac without bootcamp/parallels..
    If I have more news, I wil let you now.
    Here in Europe (Amsterdam) it’s almost midnight, I’m going to sleep.

  2. Yeah, I was getting annoyed with all the rumoured Leopard release dates. It seemed like every week, Leopard was rumoured to be coming out the following week. It’s just insane and it’s not like guessing the release date changes anything.

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