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Key Computer Clean-Up Products to Test Out

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Whether you’re a developer or business owner, or a consumer who uses the internet every day, it’s important to remember that to get tasks done, you require a properly working computer.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not uncommon for machines to slow down or freeze, particularly if they’re old or overloaded. As such, when you’re using computers that are having issues, do what you can to clean them up and get them working more efficiently.

Ensuring computers run optimally helps you to steer clear of security breaches, too, which is vital in this day and age when hackers are rife. Read on for some of the optimization and cleaning tools you could consider using today.

Cleaner One Pro for Mac

Trend Micro is well known for its quality security software, but the tech company also offers a top-notch cleaning tool for Mac users. Check out the Cleaner One Pro for Mac solution if you have an Apple device that needs optimizing. This all-in-one disk cleaning manager provides simplicity and effectiveness, just like Mac aficionados come to expect with their Apple products.

With one click, you can fix a common problem: too little disk space. Use the tool to visualize, manage, and free storage space in seconds, as Cleaner One Pro removes unnecessary files for you. The software finds where disk space is being taken up and provides suggestions on how to best proceed.

Use Cleaner One Pro to keep your Mac product in order through managing apps, scanning and deleting Junk files, and monitoring CPU, memory, and network usage. The system removes temporary, duplicate, and hidden leftover files in seconds, and filters and manages large files to free up further storage space.

It can even find and remove images that look very similar and provide you with a visual, interactive map showcasing storage usage. For privacy protection, there’s a file shredder that erases deleted apps or Trash, ensuring hackers can never get access to your potentially sensitive information.

Drive Genius 5

Prosoft Engineering’s clean-up tool for Mac, Drive Genius 5, is another product specifically designed for Apple computers. It automates machine monitoring, cleaning, protection, and optimization, enabling you to get total control over your hard drive. The product boasts 18 features all up.

Buy Drive Genius 5, and it will check for potential file and folder corruption on formatted drives to help prevent data loss. It can repair the most logical error types to avoid future problems, and where possible, will rebuild files to make data accessible again. The software also features “Instant DrivePulse,” which checks drives for hardware-based issues relating to damaged drives or bad connections or cables.

Use Drive Genius 5 to organize your Mac’s hard drive, too. You can add, delete, hide, shrink, expand, reveal, or customize OS X partitions (volumes) on the drive without erasing them. Plus, the software finds duplicate files and replaces them with an alias, and alerts you to huge files taking up too much space on your hard drive. From there, you can mark and delete whichever ones you don’t need.

Download this clean-up tool to enjoy a secure erase, too. The software overwrites data using one of five safe patterns so no one can recover data you don’t want to be found. Also, the program’s “Initialize” utility prepares new drives or erases old ones to conform with the Mac operating system. Plus, you can initialize drives for use with Windows or camera cards.

AVG TuneUp Unlimited

AVG’s TuneUp Unlimited clean-up program works on Mac devices, as well as PCs and Android machines. This comprehensive tuning suite cleans, speeds up, and fixes computers. You can pay an annual fee to use it on unlimited gadgets. Install TuneUp and let it get to work cleaning up temporary files slowing your machine, and scan for duplicates and large files.

It also repairs bugs and searches for and uninstalls unused programs. The system’s browser cleaner is handy, too. It fixes issues with the browsers on your computer and gives you back more disk space. TuneUp Unlimited cleans up hidden junk from apps and has a turbo mode that turns off features you’re not using so you can enjoy more machine power when you need it.

The Startup Optimizer is also a plus. It scans devices for programs specifically slowing down the startup and shutdown processes. The Registry Cleaner lends a hand as well, by decluttering and cleaning computer registries, so you have less crashing and freezing to worry about.

The above tools are just some of the options on the market. Consider what you need a program to do for you, and then search for a trusted, affordable solution that will keep your machine running smoothly.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo is a stalwart in the tech journalism community, has been chronicling the ever-evolving world of Apple products and innovations for over a decade. As a Senior Author at Apple Gazette, Kokou combines a deep passion for technology with an innate ability to translate complex tech jargon into relatable insights for everyday users.

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