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iPhone Apps I Love: WordPress

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You might think otherwise, but I actually use very few iPhone apps on a daily basis. Here’s one I use several times a day, though: WordPress for iPhone.

If you run or write for a WordPress-powered blog (both self-hosted WP and .com are supported), this app is a no-brainer. Not only does it allow you to write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, it makes doing all these things so easy. As an example, here’s how it looks when you want to manage to comments:

As you can see, its clear and easy to understand interface makes comment management a breeze.

But what I really love about this little gem of a free app is its geotagging support. With this, posts that I write and publish through the app are automatically tagged with my current location. So you know that when I write that witty little review on the new coffee shop around the corner, I’m actually sending it from there. Awesome.

I used to use the BlogPress app, but have completely switched over to WordPress for iPhone. And I don’t miss anything (well, maybe the Facebook integration, but the truth is that I’m a lot less addicted to Facebook these days).

Oh, and: the iPad is coming, and I have a feeling that once I get mine (and I am absolutely getting one), I’m going to want to use it for blogging. I can already imagine how much easier it’ll be with its larger screen.

Do you blog with your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

4 thoughts on “iPhone Apps I Love: WordPress

  1. I can’t agree with the praise you have for the WP iPhone app. I’ve had lots of issues with it – mostly with how it syncs with the blog or comments automatically and how it prevents you from navigating around the app while it’s communicating with the server. I also have issues with error handling and offline access. If you lose signal while saving a post, if you haven’t saved a local draft first, you lose the whole thing.

    If you have perfect wifi signal, you might be able to overlook the issues I face but when you’re underground a lot or using 3G signal like me, you’re going to have a different experience. If Automattic can address my observations, the app would be perfect as the rest of it is spot on.

  2. @SoltsComeToThis – thanks for commenting. I haven’t personally experienced those problems, but maybe that’s because I’ve been using the latest version.

    @Raanan – thanks for clarifying about getting Facebook & Twitter integration. My blogs are all self-hosted WordPress, so I’ll definitely look into doing it with plugins.

  3. Lorraine — nice review. On we have built-in facebook & twitter integration — so when I blog from the iPhone app it automatically goes to facebook and to twitter. You can achieve similar functionally for self-hosted WordPress using plugins.

    @SoItsComeToThis – are you using the latest 2.3.1 ? We had a ver 1.2 that had the issues you described …


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