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Free Amazing HD Fall Wallpapers for Your Mac

fall road wallpaper

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It’s now finally the season of fall in certain parts of the world! For people whose favorite season is fall, it entails going to certain places and getting specific foods that are only available during the autumn season. This can be that pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks that almost everyone seems to love. It can also be the parks that are famous for their color-changing trees whenever fall arrives.

If you can’t go out or travel right now for whatever reason, change up your Mac wallpaper to something that would still remind you of the beauty of fall. They can be views that you’d want to see if you were able to travel during the fall season. If you’d want to see some autumn foliage, you can still view it on your screen for now.

Here are some free amazing HD fall wallpapers for your Mac.

Mountain and lake view during autumn

hd fall wallpapers

Something serene and soothing to look at are mountain and lake views. They look more vibrant during autumn when you can see the trees on the sides changing to shades of yellow and orange. They shine brighter during sunrise or sunset when the sun somehow makes the leaves of the trees look so much warmer.

Autumn river view

free fall wallpaper

Another scenic view during the autumn season is rivers. Imagine yourself on a boat in the middle of the river surrounded by trees and shrubs with leaves of red and orange. The weather’s a bit chilly but your sweater and scarf give you just enough warmth. Quite a romantic view, isn’t it? It looks and feels intimate and would definitely look great as your Mac wallpaper.

Empty park with autumn foliage

fall wallpaper park

Do you usually go to parks during the fall season? When the weather has finally cooled down from all the heat that summer brought, the park is a great place to relax and unwind. A lot of people like to sit on benches and read books or simply enjoy the view that the trees provide. Watching the autumn foliage peacefully is indeed relaxing. A wallpaper with this image will hopefully remind you of this feeling.

Autumn leaves changing colors

fall leaves wallpaper

One of the most distinctive features of the autumn season is how it changes the hues of certain leaves and shrubs. From the usual green, they turn into yellow, orange, and red. They truly make for a spectacular view. If you love the changing of these colors, you can opt for a wallpaper that shows just that. You can even see some leaves that are literally changing colors with half green and half yellow hues.

A single road lined with trees

fall road wallpaper

Some people like going on road trips during the fall. If you’re one of those people, you might enjoy wallpapers that depict what you usually see when you go on these road trips. Driving on a long stretch of road, you can see and pass by towering bright hues of red, yellow, and orange. It definitely doesn’t make for a boring ride at all.

Colorful leaves in contrast with stark background

Is your favorite color orange? If you love the vibrance of the colors that autumn brings, you can opt for a wallpaper that emphasizes contrast. The color of bright orange leaves just pops amidst a stark background. The contrast also makes for an impactful image. This vibrant hue truly gives life to the overall scenery.

Autumn in the city 

autumn in the city

Not everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature that autumn brings every year. If you love this season in a more modern context, you can get a city view wallpaper that will still remind you of fall. This wallpaper shows the beauty of the city in autumn colors thanks to the sunset in the background. It’s indeed a fantastic view that you’d like on your Mac screen.

A road going home during fall

free fall wallpaper road

If you enjoy seeing the autumn foliage on your rides home, why not make this view permanent on your Mac screen? This is especially for those people who cannot go out right now and enjoy this pretty view. If you can’t see it in real life right now, might as well enjoy this scenery on your screen every time you open your Mac.

Reading books in autumn

free HD fall wallpaper book

Some people actually enjoy staying in during the autumn season. It’s cozier during fall because of the weather starting to cool down. If you’re one of those people who like staying in and reading books during this season, you can also translate this hobby in your Mac wallpaper. There’s just something romantic about being cooped up at home, reading a book, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee during the autumn season.

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