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So you’ve gathered everyone for the holidays and it’s more than likely going to last till the start of the new year. Here’s an app I play with my cousins during such reunions: Face Fighter. Sure it’s relatively more expensive for a paid game at USD $1.99 but no iPhone game has ever made me laugh so hard.

Face Fighter is dead simple — four buttons all in all, and the objective is to KO your opponent in a series of punches, kicks, eye jabs, slaps and the acclaimed “Legendary Fury” which equips you with a random melee weapon such as fly swatters, hammers and a rubber chicken.

After you KO your opponent, you can also execute a fatality move by quickly pressing one of the four icons that prompt the finisher — death by lightning, drowning, a boulder, or the “10x kick.”

But the true appeal of Face Fighter is the customizable faces you can apply from your gallery or camera (iPhone). You can crop, rotate and pinch any face to match the template that Face Fighter puts forth, and believe me, it’s quite easy and surprising to get a rather good mug of your close friends on the marionnette. Games can be played via 3G or WiFi as well so you can challenge friends to two player matches and see each other’s faces contort and bulge with slapstick stupor.

[Download Face Fighter 2.0 — External iTunes Link]

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