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With so many games rallying the Top 25 free apps list on the app store it is quite difficult to find a great app that can truly last you for the better part of the year. I was quite happy to find a gem that not only allows me to quickly get into an FPS, it is also online.

From the makers of Dr. Awesome, ngmoco has released one of the more engaging multiplayer first person shooters on the iPhone: Eliminate Pro. First off, the app is free and downloading it immediately immerses you into a highly addicting online game at the palm of your hands. Eliminate Pro works like any typical online game, showing you your stats and a lobby that directly matches you with available rooms for quick matches. Once you spawn in a room, the battle is immediately joined with you controlling your avatar with your two thumbs — the left thumb is used for moving forward and strafing left and right. Your right thumb aims your gun’s crosshair and tapping it fires.

I know what you’re thinking: hassle right? I won’t lie to you, it is rather difficult to execute favorite moves like circle strafing and racking up headshots. But the game is playable, and it becomes even more so after several rounds of practice. Perhaps the biggest UI complaint would be your actual thumbs blocking the view of your crosshair when moving around.

The charm of Eliminate Pro is its convenience — an online shooter on your iPhone via WiFi. It sells itself. And looking to the future, it is games like these that make me hopeful for even more awesome gaming with the iPhone.

[Download Eliminate Pro]

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