Decode Lossless Files with XLD

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The truth is, I never thought I would file this under Apps I Can’t Live Without– I don’t really consider myself an “audiophile”. It was the Husband who turned me on to the joys of lossless music, and let me tell you, hearing Yo-Yo Ma play Bach Cello Suite No.1 without quality loss (which is what lossless refers to) is almost a religious experience.

The problem is that, unlike other music players out there, my beloved iTunes won’t play FLAC files. Which, finally, explains why I can’t live without XLD (or X Lossless Decoder).

XLD will convert a host of audio formats for you, including everything from FLAC to WAV to AAC- almost everything, it seems, except WMV.

It’s speedy, easy to understand, and- most importantly- gets the job done. You can also preview songs right in its window, and can split files into tracks with cue sheets.

And it’s free! Download X Lossless Decoder.