Create Hi-Def DVDS with Regular DVDs on your Mac

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fcp-icon.jpgBefore you get excited, keep in mind that you’re going to have some serious Pro tools to maket his happen.

You’ll need both Final Cut Pro AND DVD Studio Pro to do this…but if you have the tools, it is possible to create Hi-Def DVDs from 4.75 Gig  Type 5 DVDs. It should also be noted that these disks are only going to play in your Mac.

So  if you want to watch them on your big screen, you’re going to need a DVI out as well.

From Ken Stone’s article:

This article can be virtually summed up in few lines, which is: “if you want to make HD Dvds onto 4.7 GB DVD-Rs then set the preferences in DVD Studio Pro to the HD format required, encode your assets through Compressor, and then follow the same procedure as one has used to make SD DVDs.” 

You can view the detailed steps that it takes to make this work by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Create Hi-Def DVDS with Regular DVDs on your Mac

  1. Well done tutorial – nicely illustrated. I suppose that tv will also work by simply pulling your h.264 render into iTunes, then tell it to sync.

  2. What good is a DVD that only plays in a Mac? Why bother going thru all this effort when you could just put any HD movie file on a data DVD?

    Something that might be useful is if this disk played in a Toshiba HD-DVD player (eg. the A1) since that deck actually WILL play regular DVD-R’s that have been burned with the file format used on the newer (but not yet widely available) HD-DVD media.

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