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Best Stocking Fillers for Apple Addicts

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It’s fun to think of things buy your loved ones and friends as stocking fillers for Christmas. A good idea would be to make thematic stocking fillers since it is a more unique way of following a beloved Christmas tradition.

A great theme for stocking fillers would actually be Apple related products. With so many people huge Apple fans, the Apple fanatics in your life will truly appreciate getting a bunch of stuff they can use with their Apple products.

Here are some cool and relatively inexpensive stocking fillers:

iTunes Cards

Arguably the most useful and practical stocking filler for Apple fans is an iTunes card. With these cards they can purchase music and apps at the Apple Music and App Stores. These cards are also easy to buy since it’s available practically anywhere. It comes in different denominations so you can buy a card that fits within your budget.

iPad and iPhone cases

You can’t have enough cases for your iPad or iPhone. Cases serve two purposes – it acts as protection for your precious devices and it is a way to jazz up your devices without having to attach anything permanent to it like stickers. Apple owners love having a lot of cases so they can change it based on their mood or what they like for the day.

Capacitive stylus

It’s fun using the capacitive display of the iPad or the iPhone but there are some apps that really shine if you use a stylus instead of your finger. For example, writing or drawing apps become more intuitive and fun to use with a stylus. A capacitive stylus is relatively cheap and it’s sure to become one of those items that your Apple-loving friend or relative will find indispensable when they start using it.

iPod Shuffle  

If your pockets are deep enough then an iPod Shuffle is a great stocking filler. It’s a diminutive player that will be a perfect companion for workouts or when you’re going out for a run.


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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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