Audiobook Recommendation: A Christmas Carol read by Tim Curry

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Author: Charles Dickens
Read by: Tim Curry
Running Time: 3 hours 33 minutes

If you’ve got a little space on your iPod to spare, you should definitely check out Tim Curry’s reading of A Christmas Carol.

In 1997, Tim Curry starred as the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday story, A Christmas Carol. I remember quite well other big name stars of the time were in this animated series including Whoopi Goldberg and Michael York. It was a musical. Lots of singing.

Fast track to 12 years later and we have Tim Curry returning to retell A Christmas Carol, but this time it’s a one man act. Curry, in his signature slithery English accent narrates Dickens’ seasonal hit in a very engaging rendition. From the Audible subscriber newsletter:

We asked Tim Curry to take on one of our favorite holiday stories, and his performance went above and beyond our expectations. Curry breathes new life into the scrappy atmosphere of Dickens’ London, while of course adding his own personal touch of mischievous fun.

This version of A Christmas Carol is published exclusively by Audible and was released in December 2 2009, making this the latest rendition even more recent than Jim Carrey’s 3D adaptation on the big screen. In fact, as a gift to Audible subscribers, A Christmas Carol can be downloaded for free.

Product Link: [A Christmas Carol read by Tim Curry]

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