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Apple Rumor Round-up: The Rumor Mongers are out in Full Force

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Wow…the iPhone has been out for a little over a week, and the rumor mongers have already kicked it into overdrive. It’s seriously getting out of hand. Either people are just flat out making things up left and right, or Apple has a serious leak.

Let’s start with Think Secret who are bringing the whole new iMac rumor back into focus. (You know, eventually they will HAVE to be right, since – at some point – new models will be released). Apple Insider has thrown the rumor of a new keyword into the mix as well.

Mac Scoop is getting back into the rumor mongering game by throwing their long running Apple 12 inch notebook rumor back in the public view, and DigiTimes says we’re getting iPhone-like iPods in August (apparently August is going to be a HUGE month…ya know…or not).

And this is all from this week, folks…and it is Wed. morning!!!

So, just to clarify, Apple is going to release new iMacs 3 months before their new operating system comes out (which customers will just love…because everyone loves feeling like they’ve been double dipped), and in that same month they are going to release new iPods that will will seriously undercut their iPhone holiday sales….can I get a show of hands from anyone that thinks that’s actually going to happen?

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

7 thoughts on “Apple Rumor Round-up: The Rumor Mongers are out in Full Force

  1. Did you make up that rumor warning logo just for me? 😉

    The iMac rumors are really pulling strings on my heart right now. I’ve always loved iMacs until the most recent generation, and because Mac Pros are so expensive and there is no midrange tower offering by Apple, I have decided to buy an iMac when the next generation comes out (a non-Jay Leno iMac would be nice). So to tell me it might be later this month or next month…… Errgh. If it happens, that’ll be great. But, alas. The agony wreaked by false hope.

  2. The rumors are just the iPhone hangovers. Everyone got so blasted worked up over the iPhone that the “cool-down” period could only be full of rumors of the next big thing.

    I played with an iPhone this weekend. I’ll say – it was worth getting worked up over.

  3. @Joshua

    That’s exactly what drives me nuts about the rumors. I want the products so bad, and when they don’t come out or their completely different than the rumors, it’s just a killer.

    I am really, really, really starting to hate the rumors.

    Especially when I see how slow of a news day it is (I know because I’m trying to find stuff to write about just like these other guys) and then suddenly in the afternoon BOOM – new Apple rumor…

    It just seems like so much of this stuff is just pulled out of thin air, then sold to us as “from an inside source”….it drives me nuts.

  4. I can see Apple releasing new iMacs ahead of the Leopard release but offering a free upgrade to the new OS when it becomes available. As for the iPods. I think it would be stupid for Apple not to release new iPods before the holiday season. I dun think we forgot how much they sold last year and the years before. Remember iPod is still one of their strongest business’ it would be stupid not to take advantage of the holiday season. Not to mention people who want a new cellphone will buy the iPhone, people don’t buy the iPhone for just the iPod feature, and even if they do, I doubt its more than 5% of the population. Having new iPods, iPhone, Macs, all for the holiday season means Apple will see BIG time. I doubt any of the products will be shafted because of another ones release.

  5. The nano-book rumors are killing me too. I would love a 12″ MacBook with all-flash. I would also kill for a tablet MacBook.

    I’m actually saving up for an 8 core MacPro. I’m kinda’ taking my time though, as I’m waiting for the next iteration. Anyone know if there are plans to add an IR reciever for the Apple Remote and iSight alternative (and not the built-into-the-cinema display option we’ve heard about)?

  6. ^^ I don’t think the stand alone version will be returning. I think it will all be integrated and thats all you get. It would be nice if they made a return with an iSight HD, but I doubt it.

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