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10.5.2 to Offer over 400Mbs of fixes and updates

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Last week the 10.5.2 update of Mac OSX Leopard was quietly released to developers and testers – and this thing weighs in at almost 400Mbs, and featuring 100 bug fixes and well over 40 application fixes as well. Mac Scoop has the details, but you can see the complete list below:

New issues fixed in this seed, as listed on the seed-note, are the following:
– Border now draws correctly when 2-up printing
– Preview Image and scrolling horizontally with keys
– CFNetwork and Proxy error messages
– NTFS Volume and System UIServer fix
– DVDPlayback and second display hookup
– Preview PDF and Mail Document fix
– Resolved tabbing issue with PDFView

– Fixed issue with Time Machine Preferences
– Icon Services and file attachments
– Time Machine and resumed backups
– Images captured in tethered mode fixed
– CoreAudio Toolbox and EstAudioFileRead
– ImageCapture and file creation
– SharedFileLists and SMB guest issue resolved
– BackupCore and backup preparation
– Japanese localization and CUPS
– NSTextView and scroll bar thumb scrolling direction
– SMB File Server and name resolving order
– CFNetwork and Windows proxy ISA server fix
– Fixed deinterlacing issue with DVDPlayback

In previous seeds, the following fixes had been made:
– CoreData Framework and NSFetchRequest
– AD DS Plug-in
– HLTB Menus
– Memory leak with Rosetta
– and customized menu commands
– AirPort shared printer fix
– Disk Utility and FAT32
– HFS and allocated space
– Fix to Process Manager and VISE
– NSNavigationServices and NavServices from a Cocoa application fix
– Reprinting Hold jobs and CUPS
– Fixed issue with Text Input Sources
– Mail Message Body Display issues with certain font types
– DAVKit and iCal redirects
– Calendar Store Framework and CalRecurrenceRule fix
– CoreText Font and PUA unicode characters now work correctly
– rsh jobs no longer waits for backgrounded processes to complete
– Fixed issue HLTB and Finder
– Fixed issue with AppleEvents
– ImageIO preiew issue in Finder fixed
– HIClock now accepts user entries
– smb now handles “%” in password field
– Fixed issue with CUPS and reverse page ordering
– NSTableView and special keys now works correctly
– AF_UNSPEC& null address Networking issue fixed
– Resolved issue with Xquartz and CPU cycles
– Fixed exception issue with KeyChainAccess
– Quartz Composer no longer brings up an error when saving a composition
– Fixed ScreenCapture issue
– Addressed issue with Web Content Filter and Parental Controls
– CUPS no longer prints a blank page when 2-up print setting is selected
– CoreData Framework fix to XML data creation
– Fixed Quick Look plug-in loading issue
– Mail to iCal Data Detectors now work correctly
– Fixed issue with Finder and column view
– Core Audio fix now allows empty m4a files to behave correctly
– Fixed horizontal scroll issue with Finder and Spotlight
– Fixed iChat audio issue with fast user switching
– Core Data apps now save correctly when no document changes have been made
– Fixed issue with Firewall customization settings
– Fixed Active Directory binding issue
– NSTable View -selectAll setting now works correctly
– HLTB Dyhmanic Menus now behave correctly
– Resolved issue with HIImageView
– Fixed issue with ATSCreateFontQueryRunLoopSource
– Mail now treats flags correctly
– Fixed day selection issue with NSDatePicker
– Invalid RR queries problem now resolved
– Input issue with NSTokenField fixed
– Archive & Install problem with Sync Services Translators resolved
– Fixed Spotlight issue with arithmetic expressions
– Fixed problem with Podcast Producer and Wiki running via SSL
– HLTB ApplyTHemeBackground memory leak fixed
– Fixed Numbers printing issue with CoreGraphics
– Fixed permissions problem with NFS
– NSManagedObject now implements dictionaryWithValuesForKeys correctly
– Fixed memory leak in CoreData Framework
– Bitmap-only fonts now work correctly in QuickDraw
– Issue with MusicSequenceSaveSMFData fixed
– SMB File Server reboot issue resolved
– Fixed issue where running a MAC application from a NTFS volume may not work correctly
– NSXMLNSNumberTransformerName now handles NSDecimalNumbers correctly
– Addressed issue with ToDo recurrences and iCal Synchronization
– Issue with NSNavigationServices and kNavCBTerminate resolved
– Fix to AppKit and popup menus
– CTFontCreateCopyWithFamily() now works correctly
– Fixed issue with Tamil IM
– Networking issue with records over sockets fixed
– HIShape symbols in HLTB fixed
– Fixed window flicker issue with PrintManager
– NSArrayController and Lazy Fetching issue resolved
– Save PDF to Web Receipts Folder now works correctly when there’s a / in the title
– Fixed issue with “Find Next” and the spelling panel
– Issue with NSTreeController resolved
– Resolved issue with local SOCKS proxy and iChat
– Logged iChats now open quickly

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo

Kossi Adzo is a technology enthusiast and digital strategist with a fervent passion for Apple products and the innovative technologies that orbit them. With a background in computer science and a decade of experience in app development and digital marketing, Kossi brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Apple Gazette team.

6 thoughts on “10.5.2 to Offer over 400Mbs of fixes and updates

  1. anybody care to point out the more interesting points in the list? ’cause i don’t feel like reading all that right now… 😡

  2. gee, that “: x” smiley does come over quite unfriendly.

    personally, i hope for a fix of the “bluetooth not available” bug that has been annoying the hell out of me and my macbook as of late… not that i need bluetooth all the time, but when it doesn’t work, neither does sleep mode which sucks to say the least.

  3. 400 MB and it still doesn’t support brain-wave-reading technology. Well jeez… what’s the point of updating then? 😉

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