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Top Home Decor Trends of the Season

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Window treatments play an integral part in setting the atmosphere in any space – be it framing a picturesque view, blocking light out, or adding warmth to your home. With many decor trends emphasizing elevated mindsets and rich textures for creating luxurious environments in 2019, window treatments play a vital role.

Comfort is key. From cozy floral print accents to soft chenille fabrics, cozy comfort is key. One of the most stylish window treatments, a tilt and turn window, is the perfect way to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Gothic Aesthetics

Gothic decor exudes grandeur and drama. Long drapes adorned with fringes and tassels create an ideal atmosphere, while adding gothic flare with wrought iron chandeliers can complete this look in your home.

Gothic flavor can also be added through moldings. Molded ceilings with pointed arches provide the ideal setting for Gothic elements, while decorative moldings work perfectly in rooms featuring high and narrow lancet windows.

Gothic substyles draw their inspiration from many genres of music, history and literature; all Gothic styles evoke an atmosphere of mystery and the supernatural, such as cathedral architecture that transports visitors beyond everyday experience into sacred spaces beyond daily existence. Gothic fiction novels such as Dracula also often reflect these same ideas.

Cozy Florals

Cozy floral arrangements bring warmth and joy into any room they fill, with this cheerful red wooden box centerpiece called Cozy & Cheerful filling your home with holiday cheer thanks to its festive holly leaves, berry sprays, and white stock flowers.

This stunning floral arrangement combines bicolor roses and yellow dahlias, purple cabbages, weeping eucalyptus leaves, as well as tufts of pampas grass and scabiosa pods for visual texture in its centerpiece. Order now to ensure same-day hand delivery!


Maximalism draws inspiration from Victorian interior design, featuring heavy furniture, bright colors and patterns; an antidote to the stark white interiors that have become so prevalent over the past decade. Maximalism offers a fun alternative, encouraging diversity of style and taste within one interior design space.

Add an unexpected twist to this style by pairing floral wall art with a striped throw or animal print rug, or adding geometric shapes such as stripes or chevrons for an eye-catching statement piece.

Maximalism can also serve as a great way to highlight unique treasures. A popular way to do this is with open shelving showcasing vintage collectibles or lamps featuring similar finishes or shapes that create an overall cohesive appearance in a room.


If you want your home to feel cozy cottage-esque, Granny Chic might just be your style of choice. Drawing inspiration from grandmotherly aesthetics, this trend blends modern home decor with traditional visuals like floral embroidery and pretty flow blue china for an eye-catching effect. Granny Chic has quickly become a trendy trend among those who appreciate both simplicity and dated elements in modern design, often being coined ‘granny chic’ by some critics.

Grandmillennial decor is an evolution of Farmcore aesthetic, similar to cottagecore but with added elegance and luxury. Expect wood plank flooring, antique-style furniture and floral-patterned fabrics adorned with embroidery or other embellishments such as throw pillows. Additionally, floral china and wicker furniture may also feature. Embroidered throw pillows, floral china patterns and wicker furniture may also feature in this style. Bring nature indoors by placing wooden countertops for baking near tilt and turn windows that overlook your garden.

Time Warp Treatments

Now is an excellent time to raid your grandma’s cupboards for tea-themed vases and floral curtains that have been languishing since you were 10. These styles may actually become trendy once again!

Return of 70s decor can also be seen, such as mushroom-shaped lamps and shag rugs with vibrant patterns. For an easier update, paint thrifted accent chairs or dressers with deep colors for an alternative take.

Finally, we’re seeing a shift away from light wood tones toward earthier hues such as terracotta, ochre and forest greens. Jump on this trend with new woven furniture pieces or darker staining of existing pieces – it will also tie in nicely with some other popular trends like rustic brass lighting or dark tile flooring!


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