The role of a DevOps engineer in a company

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The IT product market is growing every year like no other. Each time it develops new unique applications, technological solutions and software products that give rise to new markets and new opportunities. Every industry in the huge IT market, be it social networks, communication applications like instant messengers or just games, has many branches with a narrower application of the service.


To implement any of the above areas of digital products, a large team of programmers, developers, engineers, designers and marketers will be required. However, in order to achieve the necessary development goals as a result, we will need an accurate organization of work and competent setting of tasks. Therefore, a DevOps specialist acts as the leader of the whole team.

Who is DevOps

DevOps stands for Development & Operations. This specialist should not only be a good manager, but also combine a deep understanding of the two components of the project: the system side and the software side. For the first time, a DevOps specialist appeared in 2008 as a response to disagreements and difficulties in understanding between programmers and system administrators. Now the role of DevOps has become more complicated, but the essence remains the same.

A DevOps engineer is a specialist who works with software development methodologies by organizing close collaboration between programmers, testers, and system administrators. DevOps works with a product throughout its entire life cycle. Such a specialist must know and be able to write code in several programming languages ??in order to be able to add code to the program, read the code and correct errors. Also, DevOps is responsible for understanding the testing process, knowledge of all types of testing in practice and the ability to conduct testing on their own.

As a result, a DevOps specialist must be able to carry out the full range of work on the program in order to deeply understand the potential risks of the development process and see the situation from the developer’s point of view. All this will enable the project manager to make an accurate statement of tasks and understand all the details in the implementation of each.

Hiring a DevOps Engineer

In the labor market, a DevOps specialist is one of the highest paid IT specialists. Based on this, not every company or team will be able to afford to keep such a specialist on a permanent basis. Only if it is not a large corporation or a dynamically growing startup. Therefore, for a start-up project or a business whose software product development is a secondary activity, it is most profitable to use an outsourcing service to attract a DevOps engineer for your project.

One of the most advanced firms with professional specialists is Dataart. In order to get advice and learn more about the DevOps service, follow the following link: .

What Skills Does a DevOps Engineer Have?

As mentioned earlier, this specialist must have a wide range of skills that he will need to lead the development process from the start of product development to delivery to the customer. In the process, he is responsible for ensuring software security, automating technical processes and improving technical process tools.

To do this, DevOps at a time has the following skills:

Build engineer

This is a specialist who is well versed in code, knows how to read code and write it. The main task of the Build engineer is to collect the finished code.

Release engineer

This specialist reviews and approves the tested code for use in program production.

Automation engineer

The specialist automates and implements the code into the program.

Security engineer

The specialist tests the programs and identifies vulnerabilities in them, after which the programs are sent for revision to the developers.

Also in the development of programs, the factor that determines the success of the development is properly conducted business intelligence and data analysis. Such an analysis opens up prospects for the development of the project and opportunities for its growth. Such a study can show the prospects for the introduction of technologies such as machine learning or artificial intelligence. To get advice and learn more about business analytics, follow the link: .

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