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The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped the workplace. People are working remotely after office closures during the pandemic, and more students have transitioned to online classes after campus closures. Now, many students and employees only consider remote options for continuing education and careers. So what makes remote work and study enticing? Let’s discuss the pros of earning a degree from home that brick-and-mortar campuses can’t offer.


Studying from home offers more flexibility for students. Like employees who work from home, students can strike a better work-life balance when they study remotely. In addition, increased flexibility in travel and study times can help students when searching for jobs to accommodate their schedules. For example, students can put their headphones in, attend class on their lunch break, and be back on the clock in time to finish their shift.

Increased flexibility makes higher education a more feasible reality for single parents and adult learners. Ultimately, the more students who graduate with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the better the economy gets.

Fewer Expenses

When working or studying remotely, there is no need to travel to campuses and office spaces for work. College students who study full-time on campus rarely need to be on campus all day, which means they might drive to campus several times throughout the day. Sporadic class schedules make it harder to find jobs willing to accommodate travel times to and from campus throughout the day.

Earning a degree online saves money on gas and eating out, as most students tend to purchase coffee or lunch on campus before and between classes. In addition, attending classes online from home eliminates the depletion of emotional energy. Waiting around campus for hours until the next class can be draining, especially during peak hours in busy study spaces. Earning a degree online eliminates this problem, creating more mental space for students to accomplish daily tasks.

Collaboration and Diversity

One of the greatest benefits of a master’s degree is the ability to converse more easily with peers from different parts of the world. Students are subject to more diverse groups of people, lending their unique voices and experiences from perspectives foreign to the everyday American student. Meaningful conversations arise from diverse groups of students.

Better Attendance

Both employers and professors find increased attendance among those who work remotely. While they are encouraged to take time off when needed, those who work and study from home tend not to take sick days, finding the mental and physical capacity to work more efficiently throughout the day when they can do so from home.

Improved Wellbeing

Flexibility in remote learning also means students can spend more time in respite. Research shows that 45% of American students feel above-average stress levels. Flexible remote-study schedules eliminate commutes which means more time for hobbies and exercise. In addition, students can find more time to spend in nature, even attending class outside, as long as they can maintain a good wifi connection. No more staring out the window at a nice day passing by. With remote learning, students can benefit from vitamin D on a sunny day and still earn their degrees.

Take Away

Remote work can offer many benefits when researching higher education institutions or considering a career switch. Increased flexibility in study schedules can help students feel more in control of their lives and create more time for things they love. When students make time for fulfilling hobbies and exercise, they are healthier and happier in the workplace. Healthier and happier students are more focused and inspired, becoming better employees in future jobs. Finally, great employees with good work-life boundaries result in a healthy and happy economy.

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