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QuickBooks Shutting Down. What are Other Alternatives?

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QuickBooks is one of the best and most popular accounting software designed to manage processes for small businesses. Over the years, it has built a reputation in the business community by simplifying its operations, including accounting, reporting, invoicing, etc.

Unfortunately, after May 31, 2023, QuickBooks is discontinuing its services, including desktop payroll, online banking, live support, and online backup, according to its 2020 discontinuation policy. Hence, a lot of you might have been looking for other options if it happens.

And in this article, we are going to highlight some of the best features QuickBooks offers and find out if there is any alternative point of sales software that you can employ at your business. Let us begin.

Working of QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks, one can keep track of their finances and all the cash flow at their store or workplace. In addition, the software helps small business owners pay their bills, prepare taxes, and generate reports. It also offers a 30-day trial to ease the customers.

A user does not have to sign up for all the services simultaneously but can subscribe to them according to their business requirements. Also, the services can be upgraded or removed as needed.

In the beginning, you can sign up for accounting, your business grows, and you hire more employees; you can sign up for the payroll to streamline your monthly payments. The features allow you to save time and make payroll an error-free process.

So, what other features does this software offer?

  • Invoicing 

For all retail, online, and repair businesses, invoicing is one of the most crucial functions. And with QuickBooks, it is simple to create invoices for recurring payments. Also, the software allows sending invoices to customers through emails, letting them know the due amount they have to pay.

Talking about the alternative billing POS software, RepairDesk allows similar features with a budget-friendly subscription charge for repair business owners. So, if you are worried about QuickBooks shutting down, you can switch to RD.

  • Online Payments 

Managing the cash flow is one of the vital aspects of businesses. And these days, it has become easier to keep an eye on every penny or dollar coming in and going out of your shop. Additionally, software, such as QuickBooks, allows accepting online payments from customers. A few repair shop software offers this feature as of now.

Similarly, it allows you to accept overseas payments in your local currency but does not deal in all currencies. So business owners first have to check whether the software can accept the specific currency or not.

  • Employee Tracking 

What else is more important for a business owner than its customers? The answer is its employees that are putting efforts into making the business grow with every second, every minute, and hour. And QuickBooks manages the employees efficiently and helps keep tracking their performance.

Using the software, the employees’ duty hours can be tracked. Moreover, it can calculate their billable expenses so that none of them can commit theft or dodge you.

What does QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Mean?

The discontinuation of QuickBooks will affect all versions of Enterprise Solution v20, Premier, and Desktop Pro, which means services, including updates and support, will no longer be available. Additionally, critical security updates will not be provided.

The service discontinuation means a QuickBooks user won’t have access to services, including online banking, desktop payroll, live support, online backup, etc. This applies to both the PC and Mac versions.

And if a user wants to continue using QuickBooks, they have to install the latest update, for which the deadline has already passed, leaving almost no room for the users.

What are the Best Alternatives to QuickBooks?

It is recommended that all QuickBooks users shift to another point of sales software offering similar features to manage their businesses. You can search for the most suitable alternative software for your business. Also, it depends on the type of business you own.

However, you can use the RepairDesk POS if linked with the repair industry. This is, without a doubt, the best software for your cell phone, computer, drone, and watch & jewelry repair shops. Below are the best features it offers for its users.

  • Inventory Management: The software never lets you run out of the stock
  • Billing & Invoicing: It makes the payment process more manageable by automating billing
  • Employee Management: It keeps you updated with the performance of your employees
  • Reporting: You can see if your business is growing or not using the reporting feature

Final Verdict 

After the announcement from the officials that the QuickBooks services will no longer be available, several users are worried and looking for other systems and software with similar features. However, with RD POS software, they don’t have to worry. The software can provide them with the best features at very reasonable pricing.


Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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