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Pick a Domain Name For Your Business In 10 Easy Steps

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So, you’ve started your business and want to expand your presence by going online. That’s great! It’s how local businesses find wide-reaching customership and success. Before looking for the best place to buy domain name, you have to decide on one. Choosing a domain name is the first and most important thing to do.

Why is that? Because the domain name is the identity of the business on the internet. It is what your customers will type into the address bar. It is what they’ll search for on the web. You don’t want to name the site something ridiculous or difficult because that’ll turn away customers.

Fret not! We will show you how to pick the best name for a domain in this article. Following these ten guidelines will lead to surefire success! So let’s get started!


1. Keep It Simple

Simplicity sells. You don’t need something that is long and descriptive as your address. Always keep in mind that the customers want to get to you quickly, and typing out a long and cumbersome web address only takes more of their time. Instead, keep things simple and straightforward. Using contractions like xpress instead of express or u instead of you might seem like saving you time, but they’re likely to confuse the general public.

2. Brevity Is King

We touched on this in the previous point, but it’s important enough to bear repeating. The more time people spend typing out the business name or searching for it in the browser, the less time they spend on the site. This reduces the chances of them actually buying anything. Keeping it short also reduces the risk of people misspelling it and not finding the website at all! So keep the name of the site short.

3. Fit in Keywords

Keywords are essential for driving the traffic up. The use of proper keywords will put the business higher on the list of search results, ensuring that people see the website more. By using keywords relevant to your niche and business in the name itself, you’re advertising yourself while also working the algorithm. Let’s take an example. If you run an automobile tire shop, then you might use the address or something similar. No way to mistake that!

4. Appeal to the Locality

What’s your town or city? Is your neighborhood prominent? Stick that in the site address. It tells people where you’re from and where you can be found while also setting you apart from the rest that might have similar names.

5. Avoid Using Numbers

Numbers add a lot of confusion for people. Suppose the website is It’s snazzy and compact, but what happens when someone is told this name? How do they know if the numbers are alphabetical or numerical? Confusing, isn’t it? However, if you must use numbers, get different variations under the banner so if people like, they aren’t sent to a competitor.

6. Make a Mark

Your customers should remember your name so they know who to keep coming back to. Make your domain namesomething catchy and memorable so that it is both easy to remember and catches the interest of prospective clients.

7. Do Your Due Diligence

There is nothing original under the sun. If you’ve thought of a domain name, chances are good someone else has thought of it too. Therefore, you should always research beforehand to see if the domain name you’ve chosen is even available. Otherwise, you might end up being dragged to court over stolen IP!

8. Extensions Matter

Not every site ends in .com. There are many variations:

  • .org,
  • .net,
  • .eu,
  • .org, etc.

Depending on the location and the intended purpose of the website, choose different and accurate extensions. For example, .in is popular for sites in India while .gov is used by government agencies.

9. Always Protect the Brand

Buy alternative spellings of the domain name and extensions to safeguard the brand. Your clients will still reach your site regardless of any typos, and you’ll stop competitors from registering similar names.

10. Don’t Sleep on It

The sale of domain names is usually swift. The good news is that these are rather cheap, so don’t wait to secure your preferred name. Registrars will provide suggestions for similar names if you are having problems finding an available name that works for you.


A domain name is so much more than an address on the internet. It is your brand identity, it is what the customers will be loyal to and look for, and it is what will lead you to success. Picking the right name is important for your growing business, and now you know how to choose a domain name! Secure yours today!


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