Macworld Cover Shot with iPhone 4

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Although I’m a photographer by trade, there are still quite a few things that I haven’t done in the photography world. That’s why I love hearing about cool stories like this one involving an excellent photographer and a cool new technique.

In this case, the story is about the latest cover of Macworld, which features an iPhone 4. To get the shot, the photographer – Peter Belanger – could have used any number of different cameras or techniques to get the job done. Instead, he decided to shoot the iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4. From his blog:

The iPhone’s Retina display was truly awesome. I was really able to see the detail in the photo as I was shooting. It made me wish Apple produced all their desktop monitors this way. The final photo was dust-free and looked great. I was extremely impressed with the detail that the iPhone was able to capture. For post production I used two iPhone apps: PhotoForge and Resize-Photo. PhotoForge was used to remove a slight green cast from the photo. Resize-Photo was used to increase the photo from 216 dpi to 290 dpi in order to meet printing requirements. One app that I wish had been available when I was photographing the cover was Camera+ 1.2 with separate touch exposure and touch focus.

The resulting cover is pretty impressive, especially considering it’s origin. It’s always cool to me to see a professional at work, and in this case, it’s even cooler.

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