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Interesting facts about the UAE for tourists, investment opportunities in Jumeirah Village Circle

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The United Arab Emirates is an ideal travel destination for curious travelers – a mysterious and relatively young country where Arab conservatism is combined with high technology. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking and wallet: well-maintained beaches, impressive amusement parks, huge shopping centers, real estate in Dubai (for example, apartments to buy in Jumeirah Village Circle), amazing museums, and countless other places worthy of attention. The most interesting facts about the UAE will help tourists get to know the country’s history, culture, and sights better.

Drinking water from the clouds

More than 90% of the territory of the UAE is occupied by desert, so freshwater resources are very limited. But tourists should not worry about this. As a rule, drinking water is obtained by desalination. And a few years ago, the UAE implemented an expensive project to create a huge artificial reservoir in the Liwa desert (Abu Dhabi), designed for 26 million cubic meters. Desalinated water is supplied daily from the station of Shuveihat Island.

In addition, a unique technology for obtaining drinking water from the air is being introduced in the country. Pilots seed clouds with special substances so that they produce more precipitation.

24-hour shops are in short supply

There are convenience stores in the UAE, but they are few. As a rule, most outlets close at 23:00. Finding a working pharmacy at night will take work.

Unmanned vehicles

You can ride the metro only in Dubai. The peculiarity is that the train is controlled automatically. By the way, the Dubai Metro is the longest unmanned metro network in the world. And in the emirate of Ajman, you can test an electric car driven without a driver. However, it moves very slowly.

Bargaining is very reasonable

Bargaining in the bazaars and markets of the UAE is a tradition. As practice shows, the true price of goods is 30 percent lower than the original. If the buyer crosses the bottom bar, the seller can start trading again. You need to respect the seller, and if he made concessions, then you should wait to try to bring down the price. Getting more than a 20% discount on expensive goods is almost impossible.

Houses without numbers

An interesting fact about the UAE. Finding the right house in Dubai takes more work here. Buildings located on major streets were not assigned numbers. Instead, each has its name.

Burj Khalifa

Being on a business or tourist trip around the United Arab Emirates, you must visit the most exciting places that have become famous worldwide. Among them is the famous skyscraper Burj Khalifa, whose height of 828 meters is still unsurpassed. The tallest building on the planet is a real city in the sky, and its upper floors and spire are often covered with clouds.

The architectural object is built in the form of gradually rising stalagmites. Up to one and a half hundred floors of a skyscraper include a huge hotel that occupies several levels and 900 residential apartments, many of which are rented out. There are also offices of wealthy companies, luxury restaurants, service businesses, and a large parking lot, which occupies three levels, including the underground. Several dozen elevators take visitors to the 124th and 148th floors, with unique viewing platforms. The view from the height of a skyscraper allows you to see most of the buildings of the modern metropolis and magnificent seascapes.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a young city. In the middle of the 20th century, a village was in its place, earning money by mining pearls. Everything changed in the mid-1960s when oil fields were discovered in these parts. Investors immediately flocked here from Europe, the United States, and the labor force from India and Pakistan.

The village turned into a city – the emirate’s capital of the same name and the pearl of the whole country. However, oil was not the main success factor for Dubai (there is not much of it here, only 5% of all UAE reserves). A more important driver was the creation 1985 of a free economic zone, within which preferential tax and customs systems operate, and foreign businessmen can conduct business without the participation of local partners. This policy has attracted many investors to Dubai, including those in real estate.


Today, Dubai is a constantly growing economy with minimal taxes for individuals, a stable national currency, and 100% property ownership. Finding apartments in Dubai for your investment is easy with Emirates.Estate website, where you can observe various options.



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