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ICPA: 5 Benefits of Joining a Professional Association


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Many professional bodies worldwide are vital for upskilling individuals and preparing them for the world of work. However, to some employees joining a professional member-based organization is not on their priority list. They find it hard to sit through meetings or engage in activities that the professional body organizes. The truth is that such organizations provide them with an invaluable wealth of resources, knowledge, and opportunities that non-members miss.

ICPA is a professional body that small accountants in practice and from different institutes within the UK created. Accountants in practice can join ICPA through experience or an approved organization. The UK-based body offers a broad accounting network to its 40+ members and support to help them flourish and remain updated.

This article highlights 5 benefits of joining a professional body such as ICPA.

Professional Development

Accounting professionals who are members of ICPA have access to many opportunities. First, they have an excellent opportunity to invest in professional development. Members have a chance to access training, industry insights, and research materials that helps them to grow in their field. Therefore joining ICPA allows you to take advantage of emerging trends in the industry.

Networking Opportunities

Growing your network organically takes a lot of time and effort. But ICPA provides its members a better networking opportunity with other industry professionals and find mentors within their profession. Learning about your industry from someone who has been working in it for several years can be helpful. These networking opportunities are invaluable because the relationships that members build tend to be richer.

Access to Resources

ICPA members have access to members-only online resources, including articles, magazines, journals, newsletters, webinars, infographics, and other publications that provide helpful information about the industry. Additionally, the organization provides its members with news about career opportunities that have not been publicized elsewhere, upcoming events, meetings, and conferences. Such events help members to grow their contact list and connect to industry experts.

Certification Assistance

Individuals working on certification have a chance to enroll in a review course that helps them to prepare and pass the certification exam. In most instances, organizations offer review courses in partnership with educational institutions. Members get a lot of assistance when they enroll for certification through their professional body and are adequately prepared compared to non-members.

Job Prospects

Many new accounting professionals complain that they can’t find a job because they don’t have adequate experience, yet they can’t get the required experience without a job. Finding a job can be extremely challenging, especially for a new graduate. Like other professional organizations, ICPA offers career resources to assist its members in finding a new position or breaking into the job market.


The list of benefits of joining a professional body is endless. You can access training, members-only resources, networking opportunities, certification assistance, and a greater chance of finding a job that may not be publicized in other channels. So join ICPA and its wider accounting community and become actively involved in its activities to benefit your professional growth.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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