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The number of smartphone users has been growing yearly, similar to apps in Apple’s App store and Android apps.  The enormous number of mobile applications is good news to millions of users because they make life a little easier.  However, this is terrible news to developers trying to get their mobile applications noticed after release.

Although standing out in such a crowded field requires a lot of effort, your app can rank high in the App Store searches. App Store Optimisation is a key strategy that influences the position of your mobile application on the Apple Store.  Optimizing your app pushes it to the top search results.

Here are 5 tips to help you optimize your mobile application for App Store.

Create a Creative App Name and Description

Internet users discover your mobile application through its name and description.  An app name can have up to 30 characters; however, one with a simple, memorable name is preferable.  A good app name should be easy to spell and indicative of what it does.

Next, use a subtitle to describe its value, purpose, or features instead of its name.  It’s best to avoid generic terms, descriptions, or names such as the “world best app” or existing app names.  Instead, be distinctive, and use keyword-rich descriptions to highlight what resonates with your target audience.

Further, choose the right icon for your application because that is what users see when browsing or appearing on the search result.  Icons transmit your brand and utility, so it’s a fundamental part.  ASO Agency Eskimoz can help get your mobile application indexed to rank high on the App Store

Choose the Right Category

People use categories to discover apps that meet their needs on Apple Store.  So placing your mobile application enhances its discoverability and helps your target audience to find it when filtering search results or simply browsing the App Store.

Further, based on the primary category, your app may appear on the Game tabs or Apps tabs, while the secondary category helps the App Store algorithm to surface the app.  That means you select the primary or secondary category and additional two subcategories to describe your game.

Encourage Positive Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are essential because they impact your app’s ranking in search results and are also visible on the product page.  Offering a fantastic app experience encourages more users to engage with your app as well as leave positive reviews.

Further, stabilize the app before asking new users to rate your mobile application on the App Store.  In fact, it’s best to make your request when they feel satisfied such as when they’re done with a task, level, or action.

Include App Screenshots and Video

Similar to the app icon, screenshots drive downloads and let users imagine how their experience will be when using your app.  Having a keyword on the first screenshot caption pushes the search rank by 2.4 times.  Therefore ensure your App Store screenshots show, first, the features and functions before the branded ones.  Next, add a short video that describes how to use your app.

Add Multiple Languages

Millions of users speak other languages besides English.  Apps accessible in multiple languages are more highly competitive than untranslated ones.  Therefore, remember to add another set of keywords when you include another language because this helps your app to rank higher.

The Bottom Line

App Store optimization allows you to deliver mobile applications with higher visibility, downloads, and positive ratings.  The article has provided five tricks to help your app rank higher on the search engine results or stand out.  Organic search or discovery is the best way to make your app visible to millions of smartphone users.

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