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As a man, it can be tricky to navigate the world of jewelry. Often, it can feel like jewelry accessories are primarily marketed to women, when in reality, jewelry is an incredible tool that people of any gender can use to express their own personal style. But first, you’ve got to figure out what your personal style is. If you’re a man who’s looking to figure out what jewelry style fits you best, it’s important to consider the different kinds of jewelry that are available to you to try, the clothes that you like to wear, as well as the occasions that you think you’d be most likely to wear jewelry for. By taking these factors into consideration you’ll be able to invest in a men’s jewelry piece or two that you’re sure to wear for years to come.

Consider What Different Jewelry Pieces You’d Like to Wear

There are a number of different jewelry pieces crafted for men that you can try out and add to your accessory collection. Some of the most popular forms of men’s jewelry include:

A Cuban Link Chain

If you’re new to wearing necklaces, but want to see how they fit in with your existing wardrobe, it’s a great idea to get yourself a Cuban link chain. A Cuban link chain is a form of men’s necklace that’s classic, yet bold. It’s made up of a series of metal loops that link together to form a necklace with a rope shaped pattern. When looking to buy a Cuban link chain, it’s important to consider how thick you want the chaine to be. Typically, the thickness of Cuban link chains range from 2mm to 12mm. You could choose to get one chain, or you could opt to get multiple chains of different sizes. For instance, you could buy a smaller, more subtle chain for everyday wear, and a larger, thicker chain that you could don for important events. Additionally, you can pair your Cuban link chain with a matching bracelet if you want to flesh out your accessory collection further. Whatever style of Cuban link chain that you choose to buy, you’ll be investing in a necklace that will make a strong style statement wherever you choose to wear it.

Men’s Rings

Another wonderful form of men’s jewelry to try when experimenting with your style are men’s rings. With so many different styles of men’s rings available to explore, you’re bound to find one that perfectly fits your fashion tastes. Some of our favorite ring styles include:


  • Signet Rings: These rings were worn by men as early as the Middle Ages and used to denote alliances between different families. While no longer used for the same purpose, signet rings are great to add a dose of refined jewelry fashion to every ensemble.
  • Band Rings: These kinds of rings don’t just have to be for weddings! Many men wear banded rings to add a subtle pop of sparkle to an ensemble.
  • Statement Rings: If you’re someone with a bold fashion sense who likes to make every detail count, statement rings are the perfect accessory for you. You could get a statement ring engraved with the image of one of your favorite paintings, or in the shape of your favorite animal. Whatever symbol best represents your sparkling personality, there’s a statement ring to express it.

Men’s Earrings

If you’ve got pierced ears, you’ll want to have a solid rotation of men’s earrings to accessorize with. For a classic style, opt for a pair of gold or silver studs that will easily pair with any outfit. Or, if you want to make more of an impression with your accessories, opt for a pair of dangling earrings that will stand out.

Consider Your Personal Style

When selecting one of the men’s jewelry pieces listed above to wear, you’re going to want to consider your personal style. Most of the jewelry styles listed above will be made with either gold or silver. When choosing gold jewelry pieces to buy, look for those made with 18 karat gold, so it’s sure to stand up to scratches and tarnishing. For silver jewelry, opt for pieces made with 316L sterling silver and rhodium. By picking out jewelry pieces that pair well with your existing clothing, you’ll be able to easily accessorize without too much thought. That said, even if you’re someone who prefers more laid back looks and simple jewelry, it’s never bad to have a bit of sparkle on hand for the occasions when you do want to stand out.

In Conclusion

In order to find your men’s jewelry style, it’s essential to experiment. Try out different pieces, like a cuban link chain, men’s rings, or men’s earrings and see what you most enjoy wearing. How would you describe your own personal jewelry style?

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