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Using devices based on the iOS operating system without an Apple ID is possible but surely cannot be called a convenient approach. Linking it with such an account allows accessing a lot of various online services that make our life way easier. Despite this, there are still many those who don’t want to create it. Most often the reason for this is that in that case there is a need to do mobile phone number verification. Some people wouldn’t like to share their phone numbers for privacy purposes. Luckily, it is no longer necessary to worry about this. You can sign up for an Apple ID using a secure and confidential virtual number for SMS.

What is this feature?

Virtual phone numbers are almost the same as regular numbers that people use with their phones. There is not much difference. For example, virtual numbers are also assigned to physical SIM cards and work in networks of real cellular providers. So they can be texted or even called too. However, there is also one significant thing that makes them different.

Unlike regular numbers, virtual phone numbers are used only online through appropriate websites and apps on the internet. You don’t need to have a SIM card or even a mobile phone. Everything that is needed to use virtual numbers is a modern device with an internet connection. This makes it possible to use them to receive OTP and sign up for all online services including Apple when located in literally any country in the world.

This becomes possible due to the connection of virtual phone numbers to special online servers with the help of appropriate hardware such as a GSM modem, GoIP gateway, and others. Platforms that offer virtual numbers for SMS work in exactly that way. People called suppliers insert their own SIM cards issued in different countries into special hardware and connect to their servers. Thus, other users can operate them to sign up for various websites and apps.

Where to get a virtual phone number?

These days getting a virtual number is a piece of cake. SMS-Man is a reliable and established SMS activator that provides an opportunity to easily deal with this task online in a few minutes. There is no need to provide personal information except your email address which can be a burner one so it is safe and confidential. Here is a short guide on what to do:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Use a suitable payment method from the recharge tab to add funds to your balance.
  3. Choose the country dialing code of the virtual phone number on the homepage of the service.
  4. Scroll the page a little down and select Apple in the section with supported platforms.
  5. Tap the purchase button and get a virtual number in accordance with chosen parameters.

You are halfway there. Look for the ordered virtual phone number either at the top of the home page or in the request history in your personal profile and copy it. Now it’s time to create an Apple ID with this number.

How to use a virtual number to receive SMS?

Virtual phone numbers are not difficult to operate when it comes to using them for registration. You just need to put the purchased number on the Apple ID account creation form and request a verification code. When it is sent, it is necessary to open the SMS-Man website once again and find the “Get SMS” button that is placed right next to the virtual number. Click this button to reveal the verification code required for completing registration. Just copy and use it for the appropriate purpose. The task is done.

Basically, every person can activate an unlimited amount of virtual phone numbers. So there is nothing wrong with creating multiple Apple ID accounts if for some reason it is necessary. You are not limited at all in this sense.


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