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Asana vs GanttPRO – Which Project Management Tool to Use in 2022?

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Asana is a simple tool for project management that can be used by teams of all sizes as well as individuals. It enables you to keep track of just about everything you work on, including tasks, progress, and achievements.

Does Asana have a good implementation of Gantt charts?

In this article, we want to provide the solution as well as inform users about an excellent software similar to Asana which can be found here.

About Asana

Many project teams use the well-liked project management programme Asana to keep track of and organize their activities. It is adaptive, straightforward, and versatile.

Asana was created back in 2008 from the brilliant minds of Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. And over 1.5 million paying users used Asana globally as of 2021.

The following are a few of Asana’s main advantages:

  • Team collab
  • Different project interfaces
  • A free plan with many features.
  • Support for Agile and Scrum.
  • Automating process management.

The need for Gantt charts

Perhaps you’re not even a complete believer in Gantt charts in general. Do you require them? Are you even getting the things you need from them? Gantt charts, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of ways to handle all of your projects and help your organisation succeed. You probably oversee some projects in your company whether or not you are a formal project manager. Is managing them turning out to be a little trickier than you anticipated? Gantt charts can help with it. Essentially, these charts let you better maintain tabs on the progress of each of your initiatives. This guarantees that your team and you are consistently in sync.

Where does GanttPRO come in?

Let’s begin by reviewing GanttPRO’s main features. There’s a reason why this system is so well-known. It has many features and is effective; we’ll go through them shortly. Additionally, it has a beautiful design to attract even the most morbid among you.

This system’s goal is to organise your workload so that you don’t become overburdened or miss deadlines. This method is generally quite engaging and enables you to stay on top of anything you want to accomplish. It accomplishes this by streamlining the project management system and assisting you in keeping track of events.

How does GanttPRO make the icing on the cake?

The capabilities that GanttPRO offers are excellent. You’ll be able to design the charts your team requires and using the system will be something you can pick up very quickly. Custom fields, a Kanban board style, recorded history, authorization levels, and even some of the roadmap elements you might anticipate are also going to be available. All of this will enable your company to complete a variety of tasks and guarantee their appropriate completion.

You’ll discover the essential components you need for project management success. Each of those essential components is of a high calibre and is accomplished flawlessly. It is a fantastic fit for smaller projects and teams because of this. The fantastic thing is that you’ll be able to use each of those features efficiently and that you can rely on them to carry out their intended tasks.

How does GanttPRO stack up against Asana?

This well-liked Gantt chart tool makes project planning easier and aids in keeping track of team progress, establishing deadlines, and collaborating with stakeholders.

GanttPRO might be a solid substitute for Asana because:

  • It aids managers in organising and scheduling teams’ tasks while using limitless resources and a risk-free trial.
  • Task management, timesheets, analytics, project exports, WBS structures, and other dependable features are available.
  • It enables job prioritisation so that the important ones may move forward, and deadlines can be fulfilled.
  • It may be used in a variety of fields, including software development, building, medical, entertainment, education, and banking.

Pricing differences

The cost of any software your company purchases is a crucial consideration. To ensure that neither you nor the business is squandering money, you want to ensure that the technology will be worthwhile the investment. The price scheme for these two pieces of software is something you should look at. You might want to pay attention to how each one implements this framework for yourself to determine what works.

Flat annual fees are charged by GanttPro for their services. There is no free alternative available, however, one can opt for a trial before splurging their cash. Prices for GanttPRO start at $7.99 per month per user and the Pro version costs 12.99 per user per month. GanttPRO offers a business and enterprise plan as well.

Ensure brilliance with Gantt Charts on GanttPRO

What is it?

A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar graph used to show a project’s timetable and its tasks. Your project schedule, impending milestones, and overall project time frame are all visually displayed for your team with the help of Gantt Charts.


The chart’s horizontal bars each indicate a task, and their lengths indicate how long they will take to complete. These charts provide decision makers and teams with an overview of the work that has to be done, who is doing it, and when. When you zoom out to see the bigger picture.

The majority of Gantt charts also include extra information regarding how project activities relate to one another, who is responsible for them, and what significant deadlines and milestones are approaching. Team members could quickly see what they are in charge of and how their work affects the project as a whole thanks to a fluid timeline.

Making workflows easier with Gantt Charts

Although a timeline view may be used for many different projects and programmes, it’s useful to know what these charts are typically used for and why:

Create and oversee complicated projects:

More jobs must be managed when the project grows in size. Project managers can quickly envision a project and divide it up into smaller tasks with the use of Gantt charts.

Keep track of job dependencies

Project delays do occur. Project managers can automate task dependencies by visualising work on a timeline, which makes sure that the start of one phase or activity doesn’t happen until the completion of another.

Track the development of the project

Keep tabs on development and milestones so you can easily modify your project plan as necessary.

Typical application

Here are three typical applications for Gantt charts

Creating a marketing campaign

Larger marketing efforts need a great deal of coordination and teamwork, and it’s not difficult to lose sight of all the internal parts of the project. For this reason, it’s crucial to think about all of your work as a series of tasks with assignees and information on how long each project will take. Teams can understand not only who is accountable for what, but also how their efforts affect those of others and the overall objective.

Summarizing the deliverables

Setting clear expectations for how long each task will take is possible when you provide them with a chronology of all of your deliveries. By detailing your plans in this way, you can give stakeholders and clients a clear understanding of the range of your milestones and how long it will take to complete each one. This way, they will not only be aware of the due dates for your milestones but also the actual times you will be working on them.

Creating a product release strategy

A timeline can be used to visualise the whole strategy for product releases, from conception to delivery and well beyond. The ability to understand relationships between phases and gain a clear picture of everything that is happening in the lead-up to the launch is made possible by displaying this as a timeline.

Parting words

With a proper emphasis on the power of Gantt Charts, GanttPRO is going to be the perfect alternative to Asana for many users who will prefer this fluid style of working. By setting clear expectations and timelines, GanttPro helps to take full advantage of Gantt Charts.

Such a comprehensive implementation of Gantt Charts is absent from Asana although, plans are in place to introduce similar features with newer updates. For now, users looking to unlock their complete potential will have to introduce GanttPro into their regular workflow and see flourishing connections and collaborations.


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