What Apple Watch Shipping Dates Tells Us About Sales

Last Friday, Apple began accepting preorders for its first completely new product in five years – the  Apple Watch. As expected, eager fans quickly snapped up the available inventory, and soon pushed the shipping dates for backordered models – including the very expensive gold Edition models – well into June. Early adopters who waited too long […]

10 Things Apple Could Do With Its $178 Billion Cash Reserves

One of the more astounding revelations to come out of Apple’s announcement of its recent financial results is that the company now has more than $178 billion in cash on hand. That is an amazing amount of money that will probably be used for future acquisitions, research and development, and other projects such as building […]

Despite Record-Breaking Quarter Apple is Doomed Once Again

Last week Apple revealed its financial numbers for the holiday quarter, blowing away all estimates and sending a shockwave across Wall Street. In a conference call to investors on Tuesday the company revealed that it had racked up $74.6 billion in sales on its way to pocketing $18 billion in profit, making it the single […]

The Best and the Worst of iOS 8

In case you’ve been hiding in a Faraday cage without Internet access for the past 24 hours or more, you probably already know that iOS 8 has been released into the wild for all of us to download in all of its glory. Even though it’s somewhat of an overstatement that this update is what […]

Why Apple’s Partnership with IBM is a Big Deal

Yesterday Apple and IBM announced plans to partner with one another to “transform enterprise mobility” and while this is a very nebulous statement, the implications for Apple’s future are pretty huge. The partnership with IBM looks to be the start of something big for both companies. Most people think of IBM as the people that […]