VIDEO: Steve Jobs: “Microsoft makes third-rate products”

I’m not sure exactly when and where this interview first appeared, but this short clip really sums up how most Mac users feel about Microsoft products (even if Steve does come off as just a little bitter)

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  1. thats a really nice one! thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how he hesitates about saying things. He is right though, I think Microsoft is starting to realize this though and it is too late now.

  3. That clip was on the ‘Triumph of The Nerds’ documentary series presented by Bob Cringley.

  4. Arvind Aggarwal says:

    It comes frpm the documentry “Nerds of Silicon Valley” that apperaed on PBS several years ago. This is the last scene in the video. I have a copy and I just ran it to check it out. Compelety forgot about this.

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