I Wish I’d Thought of This Steve Jobs Pilgrimage Infographic


From his birth in San Francisco to his burial in Alta Mesa, and all the stops in between, this clever infographic traces the life story of Steve Jobs — by location.
Created by the cool cats at Cheapflights.com, every major location in Jobs’ life is represented. What’s interesting about the infographic is that it depicts an actual “pilgrimage” style road trip you can take. This means that the locations aren’t listed in the chronological order of Jobs’ life; instead, they’re presented according to the most convenient travel route.

While most of the stops are in the San Francisco area, where Jobs spent most of his life, there’s a second leg that takes you across America, to other important places like the location of the first Apple Store, or the hospital where Jobs received his liver transplant in 2009.

Of course, this is just for fun. I’m not suggesting anyone actually undertake this road trip. That sort of thing is reserved only for the most obsessive Apple fans in the world, and we’re certainly nothing like that.

Ultimate Apple Addict Pilgrimage

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