My Prayers Have Been Answered: Apple Rumored to Drop AT&T Wed

A few years back, I had AT&T service for my cell phone. It sucked. Bad. Around that time they got bought up, or switched names, or something like that and I switched to T-Mobile. All was right in the world again.

Of course, I, like most of you, went back on board the old Death Star to get myself an iPhone, but I’ve had mixed results. Sometimes, the service is amazing. Most of the time though, not so much. Soon though, that might all change.

According to HotHardware, via the Silicon Valley Insider, an inside source at AT&T is claiming that come Wednesday – you know, Unicorn Tablet day – AT&T will be losing exclusivity of the iPhone. Who will get it? Smart money is on Verizon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile or Spring popped out of the woodwork.

What will be interesting however is to watch the mass exodus away from AT&T. I don’t know if I’ll be one of those people, but a little competition never hurt anyone.


  1. james Walker says

    Mark my words iPhone going to BIG RED is the worst move ever. As much as i hate AT&T i wouldn’t go to Verizon if they gave me a iPhone.

  2. Arnold says

    I’m in the market looking to purchase an iPhone but I really don’t want to switch carriers to AT&T or sign another 2yr contract

  3. says

    here in AZ AT&T isn’t the best. used to have TMobile but didn’t have the best service with them (though that was pre iPhone). I have never used Verizon but won’t switch to them if i can’t talk and surf at the same time – that’s a deal breaker for me!

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