iPad 2 Rumored To Ship February Next Year, Debut Shortly After

It’s no surprise Apple is developing the next generation iPad but the rumor mill is pointing at a February 2011 release.

According to Digitimes, Foxconn will begin shipping the iPad 2 around late February to early March next year. The initial shipment is rumored to be around 400,000 – 600,000 units which would make the next generation iPad hard to buy at launch.

However, Apple wanted wanted to meet an earlier schedule to release the iPad 2: January. Continued testing showed the tablet wasn’t ready to launch due to Firmware issues.


  1. […] The iPad 2 is expected to launch or at least be announced soon and already case mockups have been making their rounds on the Internet. The most concrete evidence we’ve seen of the iPad 2′s near final design was at GoPod Mobile’s display at CES. Charlie White from Mashable found a back cover of the iPad 2 allegedly sent to the company by Apple to use for case design. The cover lines up with rumors the iPad 2 will have a back facing camera and larger speaker. The cover also has tapered edges like similar to the iPod Touch as hinted by several rumors. […]

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